1. kamaro

    Choosing the right amp - Ultrasone HFI 2400

    Ok so I just purchased the Ultrasone HFI 2400 for my in home and on the road/travel use. I haven't gotten a chance to use them as I am currently waiting for them to be shipped. 99% of my music is EDM. house, electro, minimal, and mostly uplifting/vocal trance. I believe I have made the right...
  2. smodtactical

    Superlux 668B vs Ultrasone HFI 580

    What do you guys think about these headphones against each other for someone looking for a bassy headphone that still has good mid and high detail and a good soundstage.   Please assume they are the same price (I have the 668B and I'm trying to decide if getting the ultrasone for $120 is...
  3. kamaro

    Ultrasone HFI 580 vs HFI 780 vs HFI 2400

    Hi, I am purchasing over the ear headphones and I have narrowed it down to three - HFI 580, 780, and 2400. Most of my listening will be done at home or on the road/travel. I listen to strictly EDM. Progressive House, Techno, vocal/uplifting trance. I know the 2400 is open where as the others are...
  4. Vanarian

    Ultrasone HFI 780 or 2400? Open or closed cans? Anything else under 200$ worth the price for me?

    Hi guys, it's my first post here but I've been following you for a bunch of time as a reader... though I don't know a lot. I'm seeking an upgrade, maybe not as audiophile as someone would say, but something that will fill me with joy. So I need your help because I don't want to waste my money on...

    best headphones (similar to beats) for around $70 ?

    I've been looking for a good pair of headphones recently and have stumbled across this forums, i have seen a lot of criticism towards beats by dre and similar headphones which focus on marketing where people say that these headphones aren't worth the price, so I was wondering if there were any...
  6. lowko

    Looking for some 'starter' audiophile headphones

    Dear Head Fi community,   Been lurking around for quite some time now but can't really find the solution for my problem. I know there are a 1000 diffrent threads like mine already out there, but everyone seems to suggest diffrent ones, and since I am not able to listen to each and every...
  7. Mops123

    help buying headphones (mp3+gaming)

    hi   i want to buy a some headphones for gaming, and mp3 player ( sansa clip+ punk rock music mainly)   price: 80 top   in my computer i have audigy se ( might upgrade it if you recommend it for something no more than 80dlls ), and its connected to an amplifier technics su-co4   ...
  8. bumaaka

    Entry level headphone, 100~

    Hi guys, this is another run of the mill recommendations thread. I'm a noob to all this and would like to buy an entry level set. My budget is around 100 dollars and I'm looking for some headphones that would sound great with hiphop. It is most likely going to be for home use, so isolation...
  9. machoboy

    Shopping for a new pair under $100. Really bad luck so far.

    Hello forum,   So I need a pair of big comfortable headphones for fall semester at college. I have a Harmon Kardon amp and tons of audio/recording/musician gear, but 90% of the time I'll be using them for music on my laptop (with or without an external amp/interface).   I never planned...
  10. Montanha

    What do you think about this

    hello everyone   i lime listening to music alot, and i do it for a long time so im looking for buying some headphones, the problem is the longer i look , the more confused i get but after setting my budget and what im looking for here is the list   budget less than 60 dollar  and i...
  11. J

    Getting my headphones in the mail today and..

    I ordered a pair of JVC HARX900s for $57 at newegg and also a pair of cheap panasonic RP-HT21 headphones that were only $5 at walmart and are supposed to be very durable and good sounding as far as many people claim.     I wanted to know if the harx900 will work with my ipod. My ipod touch...
  12. NeoBlu

    AKG K518 broken - looking for suitable headphones

    I used the K518's now for about 3 months and finally I've some trouble with the cables. The cable broke inside the wire very near to the plug on one side, so I will send them back when I'm back from Japan. I Might get refund for them, so I thought I would better invest in some new ones with...
  13. dubfanatic

    Help me choose which headphones to buy, entry level.

    Greetings Head-Fi,   I am in need of some help in choosing between 5 pairs of headphones i have selected within my pricerange which is just around $100.  They will be plugged into my computer unamped, and wil be used for listening to primarily bass heavy music(hiphop, drum and bass...
  14. J

    Attempting to burn in my ultrasone HFI-450s with pink noise.

    Will this work? i have it on my ipod touch running pink noise on an app. How long does this process take? I have it at a comfortable volume. Will it damage the headphones by any chance? its not very loud, it's at medium kinda. I am afraid the drivers are gonna get tired after a while. In...
  15. Hayezer09

    $60-100 Headphones

    Hey I'm new here and this is my first post so I'm quite the amateur when it comes to headphones! I'm thinking of getting a new set of headphones within the $60-100 range, but preferably lower. I'm looking for decent/good sound quality and somewhat stylish design(I've been looking a Urbanears...
  16. videoGuy

    Fold-Flat Over the Ear for $100-ish?

    Another total newbie here asking for advice.  As my name implies, I'm not an audioGuy, so I've spent the last several days reading through the forums and reviews here but just can't find anything that seems to match my specific wants.   I'm looking for a set of closed, over the ear cans that...
  17. wonderba

    Ultrasone HFI-450 vs Shure SRH 440

    Both are same price and seem comparable in terms of sound and quality. Which one would be better to use with a laptop/iPhone mainly listening to rock, alternative, and some pop?
  18. tehstar

    DJ1's vs HFI-450's vs HFI-580s .. M50's?

    Hey there,   I'm looking for a pair of headphones that have good bass, sound quality, but are in a price range up to 130 dollars max.   I will be using these headphones mainly for dubstep, hardstyle, dnb, and other similar genres, as well as rap.   I've heard good things about the...
  19. Scube

    HD 202 or Portapro or any other?

    Hi there, I'm a newcomer here in need of some help. Looking for a good headphone which is not too costly. I've never had a good headphones so looking to start somewhere. I  tried the HD 202 at a store yesterday and I really liked the sound, not mindblowing but I think that's what I get for the...
  20. soundleakage

    how to stop sound leaking from my sony mdr-xb500?

    I love everything about these headphones.. they're comfortable, the bass is exactly what I want.. but wayyy too much sound leaks out. I never meant to use them in public places, and it's fine when I'm alone, but when my roommate or someone else is near me, it bothers them. Is there any way to...
  21. soundleakage

    Ultrasone HFI-450 vs Sony MDR-XB500?

    Pros and cons of each? Which has overall better sound quality? Better bass? Less sound leakage?
  22. kyba274

    Recommendation Required. M50's?

    Hello,   I was recommended this website by a friend and have been browsing around a fair bit. I need a recommendation as to what headphones to buy.   I'm a complete novice when it comes to this world, and have previously just used headphones that one can buy at JB Hi Fi or Dick Smith...
  23. NoSo

    Need help deciding for a <90$ Headphone

    So, my grandma randomly decides to give me 100 bucks. Immediately I think about getting new headphones. I currently own the HD 201's and the AKG K81 DJ's for portability.   I specifically listen to Dance/Electronic music such as drum and bass, trance, happy hardcore, hardstyle, dubstep...
  24. treyedean

    Another Newb Question about Headphones

    I have never owned a more than $20 pair of headphones.  The last set I bought were some Phillips earbuds that were ok.  I went on vacation and was going to be taking a long plane ride and I finally broke down and purchased a decent set of earbuds.  I bought the Sennheiser CX 475 earbuds from...
  25. oRainieren

    M-50 for 250$ - Worth it?

    Hello,   here in Germany the ATH-M50 are 170€ (250$) "worth". Just everywhere. If I would import it from the States or UK, I'll have to pay 230$+ with Tax and customs duty.   I'm pretty sure there are way better cans for this price, as everyone here is stating that the ATH-M50 are good...