1. DeceptionGfx

    Best headphones for under $100?

    I'm a basshead and all I listen to is dubstep, nothing else. I have a $100 amazon gift card and I was wondering what the best headphones I can get for that price are. So far I have considered AKG K618 DJ Premium DJ Headphones and AKG K67 Tiesto. I'm looking for good quality bass and sound. If...
  2. mifero766

    Bluetooth IEM/Headphones

    Hi! I want to ask for your opinion regarding the following BT Headphones/IEM. I'm choosing which headphone/IEM to buy with good features for my money. For IEMs Sony MW600 $47.50 -can use different earphone/speaker and good battery life JayBird Gear BlueBuds X $170 -expensive but they...
  3. Bdashrice

    Good headphones with good bass

    Im looking for headphones ($100 or under) that have good sound quality but more bass oriented. I dont want only quantity in the bass but quality also. I have no specific headphones in mind so I'm open to all suggestions
  4. Niyologist

    The Havi B3 Pro 1 (B3P1). The Sub $100 Cream of the Crop IEM.

                  Lately, I’ve been working pretty hard to upgrade my sound experience. So with all of the hype of the Havi B3P1, I decided to check out the buzz. I purchased it from Lendmeurears on Amazon and received it 2.5 business days. After I opened the package containing the B3P1, I tried it...
  5. Viana

    Please help with choosing portable headphone.

    Hi guys, first of all, I have searched through most of the related posts on this forum and I've narrowed it down to:    1. Koss pro dj100 Tony Benette + m50 pads 2. Ultrasone 450 3. AKG K450.    Music I listen to are: pop rock, dubstep, classical, new age and some occasional Chinese...
  6. dreamLRG

    Replacement Pads for the Ultrasone HFI 580?

    So do the dt 250 velour pads work on the ultrasones? And how much does the sound change? better or worse?  
  7. dreamLRG

    Good cheap portable source for the Ultrasone Hfi 580

    So i just ordered the Ultrasones fi 580, and i was wondering what is a good portable mp3 player for these and without the use of an amp?
  8. Randolph Duke

    Ultrasone HFI ear cups size smaller than the pro900?

    I have a pair of Ultrasone pro900 for home use. I would like to get a headphone for travel. I have used the pro900 for travel in the past and they are a tad too big and heavy.     I would like to stick with Ultrasone. I am curious if the HFI 780, 680, or 580's would provide a more...
  9. HydroRage

    For Ultrasone HFI 2400 owners - does it feel fragile?

    For Ultrasone HFI 2400 owners - does it feel fragile?
  10. Amorgan

    Closed headphones for under $80..ultrasone HFI 450, others?

    Guys im about to pull the trigger on the 450's. Any advice? are there better options in my price range? i like rock music, dubstep and my source will be mainly a notebook.    Thanks!    Edit: they will be my secondary set of headphones. 
  11. Alfonsomac

    Good amp for Ultrasone HFI 780

    Hi guys. I bought the Ultrasone HFI 780 teo weeks ago and now i decide to get a boost of the sound with an amp. But i really don't know what to buy... i considered the Fiio E7 with L3 for my iPhone (both 100 euro). However i listen my music most of the time on my iMac with Fidelia.  ...
  12. umbraAuspex

    HFI-450 or Auravana Live? Mostly for post-rock.

    Hello, new guy here. Did a quick search but found nothing relevant.   In any case, looking around on Amazon those look like the best candidates in my budget bracket (that also ship to my location). I'm leaning towards the Ultrasones, but I'd like to hear you guys out.     Intending to...
  13. J

    Could this be what's wrong with my Ultrasone HFI-450?

    I have posted threads about my ultrasones losing bass and volume during music playback, and how they fluctuate. I also found out whenever I hang the wire upside down a bit where the jack is plugged in, I hear the volume and bass come back.  sometimes it doesn't, or is it just my mind. Keep in...
  14. JohnLD

    V-Moda vs Ultrasone HFI 780 vs M-Audio Q40 ?

    FIRST QUESTION: I own Sennheiser HD 439's, I am a bass junky, and listen mostly to dubstep and remixes of songs, should I buy the FIIO e11 amp with L9 LOD? or are the headphones listed in the title better?   SECOND QUESTION: Which of the headphones in my title are best for listening to heavy...
  15. LazBro123

    WTB: Ultrasone HFI 580 Earpad

    Hey peeps,   I need one ultrasone hfi earpad (450, 580, 680, 780). The left one is ripping, and ultrasone cannot ship to canada. Can anyone help me out?    Thanks,   LazBro123
  16. akshayshanky

    headphones around 150 $ looked at V-moda lp2 and Ultrasone Hfi 780

    Please suggest fast i need to order a headphone asap   will be using with laptop and Ipod   will listen to mostly all genres----trance,metal and all genres   Help me get a headphone below 150 $ range Please suggest fast----Was looking at ultrasone --- Vmoda and shure lets see what...
  17. A

    Ultrasone HFI headphones

    I need advice on which headphones would be best for me. I listen to all types of music and want headphones with strong bass and good highs and mids. I was considering buying the Ultrasone HFI 580 because they seemed to fit my criteria. DJDeals has them on sale for $120 which is reasonable but I...
  18. Headphoneboi

    Headphones better than Ultrasone hfi 780 for house music

    I am looking for the best headphones in the price range of up to $200 that are good for house music (good bass). And so I have been researching headphones and so far I have found the Ultrasone hfi 780 headphones. Now, before I buy the headphones, I want to know if there are any other headphones...
  19. ThisMachine

    Which headphone amp for Ultrasone HFI 2400's?

    I was curious to any headphone amp recommendations any one had for some headphones i'm picking up for the holidays, the Ultrasone HFI 2400 heaphones. Knowing that these are open back with a reputation for good sound stage, I would like a headphone amp pointed in similar direction. Please let me...
  20. LazBro123

    Ultrasone HFI 2200 ULE vs Ultrasone HFI 2400

    Hey guys,   Just wondering... Are there any differences between the headphones in the title?   Thanks,   LazBro123
  21. yohnyboy

    Ultrasone HFI 580 vs. Audio Technica Pro700mk2

    I need to decide between these two headphones. I listen to mostly rap and like a very strong and crisp bass. Not only do i want just bass but i really want sound quality too. Which should i get?
  22. yohnyboy

    Ultrasone HFI 580 vs. Audio Technica Pro700mk2

    Im trying to decide between these two pairs. I listen to rap and really like strong and crisp bass but at the same time i want good audio quality too. Which would you recommend?
  23. JasonZ10

    Should I Add Ultrasone HFI 580's to my Collection?

    Sorry for making a thread, I know there's tons already, but I need a quick answer since I found a really good sale on the HFI580's, and I don't want it to expire before I make a decision.   So I have the HD598's(Home use), and HD 25-1 ii's(Outside/travel use), and I'd like a versatile...
  24. sloomingbla

    Worried they might be fake? should i trust amazon? (ultrasone hfi 780)

    Ok. ive been planning on getting new headphones and the 780 looks like it will be perfect for me. i went to amazon... and they're 150$. they are supposed to be in the 170-250$ range if im not mistaken, and not only this but the first picture of the headphones is the hfi-580, and the other two...
  25. yohnyboy

    Ultrasone HFI 580 vs. Audio Technica Pro700mk2

    I was wondering which would be better for me. I listen to mostly rap and i want headphones with very good bass (and crisp bass) while at the same time having great sound quality. Which one would you recommend and why?