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    Stax SR-009 Ultrasone Ed8LE
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    iPad 1 Ultrasone Edition 8 Limited Fostex HP-P1 DAC/Amp HeadAmp Pico Slim Amp
  3. ddanois

    FS: Ultrasone Edition 8 - Palladium Version (Silver Dragon V3 Re-Cabled)

    I'm selling my Edition 8 (Palladium Version) headphones. They are in excellent condition and have only been used in my office. Additionally, I had them re-cabled by Moon Audio with the Silver Dragon V3 cable (10ft length) and terminated with a 4 pin mini-XLR connector ($425 value). This...
  4. irvin59

    SOLD Price Drop Ultrasone edition 8 Limited edition Palladium SOLD

    Gorgeous Headphones in very good condition but with some signs of wear. These were refurbished by Ultrasone in Germany in July 2012. I have not used them much since they were refurbished as 95% of my listening is on the go with iem's. I'd consider trade/part trade for ZX1 Thanks for looking
  5. Markj

    Ultrasone Edition8

  6. Markj

    Ultrasone Edition8

     Few years old and used rarely, mostly listen to classical with HD800. Box and accessories are 9 of 10 condition. Review: http://kenrockwell.com/audio/ultrasone/edition-8.htm Sorry for not so good pictures, phones look like new with no marks.
  7. tupac0306

    Ultrasone Edition 8 Limited Edition #437 (price dropped)

    Got it 3 months ago for 1350 pound. Excellent condition.    Let it go for 850 pound, saving you 500 pound.Uk prefered.   PM me for pictures and other details if interested.   Thank you for viewing.   Price dropped.  
  8. dsclaw88


    As the Topic states:    I am looking for one of the following headphones. Must be in good condition: 1) ESW10JPN (offering ~$500 (includes shipping cost) depending on condition) 2) Ultrasone Edition 9 (offering $800 (includes shipping) depending on condition) 3) Ultrasone Signature Pro...
  9. AnakChan

    [SOLD] Ultrasone Edition 8 Limited Edition (Ser: 071)

    I've got a pair of Ultrasone Ed8LE's serial 071 for sale in excellent condition. I've purchased an additional Ultrasone Edition 8 black soft leather bag whenever I transport carry it around - the soft leather bag will be included. The leather on the earcups and headband have darkened a little...
  10. MacedonianHero

    Ultrasone Edition 8: Limited Edition Headphones

    For Sale: Ultrasone Edition 8: Limited Edition   Price: $SOLD TO snapple10!   The MSRP is $2000, so you're saving 50%   Included: Ed. 8LE Headphones Leather box (the LEs come with a beautiful hard case leather covered box, not the lamb skin bag) Original box Ultrasone...
  11. fmlfml

    Help!! Anyone knows how to recable Edition8?

    I just can't open it and can't find any tutorial 
  12. quanxu

    Edition8 limited edition perfect condition

    I got this pair of ED8 last christmas from moon audio with silver dragon cable recabled. Perfect condition, no scratches no nothing.  With all the original packages. I am living in Vancouver, Canada. North American only. Thank you. PM me if you are interested and give me your best...
  13. stickersteve

    Ultrasone Limited edition 8

    This is my first high end pair of headphones. I also have the ultrasone Ultra pro 900, but I wanted something that pairs better with my iphone without having to use an amp and was smaller than the more fuller size 900's. My question is, does break in really make a difference on these higher end...
  14. DefQon

    Best closed headphone for electronic based music

    Hey all....   Posted this a long time ago in the non-summit fi section but was told I'd get a better response in the summit-fi section.   What is the best closed form factor headphone one could buy that is excellent for electronic based music, my budget is $2k, and please no Denon and...
  15. ChiAki

    FS: Ultrasone Edition8 Limited (ED8 LTD)

    Bought this unit second-handedly from Fujiya-Avic about two weeks ago. Including all the basics as a new Edition8 Limited does. Also including a receipt from Fujiya-Avic, who offers warranty for their second-hand products.   Condition is NOT MINT. Pads' color haven't worn off, but the metal...
  16. limey

    Ultrasone Edition 8

    Almost new pair of Ultrasone Edition 8's Ruthenium. Wonderful sounding headphones. These have only been used a few times and are in excellent condition and include the original box and leather bag.   Only selling as I need the funds more than the phones.   They sell for $1300 on Amazon...
  17. Sasaki

    Edition 8 - my first hands on impression

    I had a brief chance to try Edition8 my hands on. Please note, this is based on a pre-production demo unit, not a CES demo unit that is more tuned and somewhat improved. Needless to say, it could also be differ to the final. Click picture to enlarge. Look, Feel Edition8 looks solid...
  18. Alghazanth

    Which of these best complement the LCD-2?

    Greetings friends! So I had a major paradigm shift and have fallen deeply in love with my LCD-2s. I'm at a loss for words right now, they are simply unbelievable and I have absolutely no idea why I hated them before. But anyways...   I own the following flagships and I'm wondering which one...
  19. rgs9200m

    "Ranking" headphones (& speakers & other stuff) on some German site (FWIW).

    http://www.excelia-hifi.cz/top.html   It's in German (Greek to me) but whatever... The headphone rankings are about halfway down the scroll bar.   I think the last column is some sort of popularity rating.   Just thought it was fun to read.    
  20. Betamaster

    Sennheiser HD 800 - is it tough enough?

    Hello all   I'm a long time user of the Sennheiser HD650 and I think it's time for an upgrade / replacement. Firstly, some background info. I use my current 650 at least 4 hours each weekday and about 12 hours across a weekend. I often go to sleep wearing them and 'drop' the headphone to the...
  21. DerangedGoose

    m50 vs. hdj2000 vs. xone 53 vs. pro700mk2 vs. beyerdynamic 880? or wait for xb1000?

    Im looking for big, feel-able bass (I assume this is where the xb1000 will shine). I listen to a lot of bass heavy genres; especially in the electronic dance music spectrum. However, more bass is only good if it doesnt sacrifice too much of the rest of the sound. That being said, Im looking for...
  22. dasmodul

    Need quick help from ULTRASONE Edition 8 owners..

    Can someone with an Ed. 8 please take a ruler and measure the depth of the ear pads in mm? I want to see how deep it is compared to my ATH-W1000x which is quite shallow. Measure approximately where the ear touches the pad until the nearest solid contact inside. Thanks in advance!    
  23. Bigbuddha

    Looking for quality CLOSED headphones under $1,000

    Hello as the title suggests I am looking at a pair of closed headphones for under $1000   I recently purchased a pair of HD650's and SM3 V2 and have a burson ha160d to compliment them.   However I have realised that I will need a pair of CLOSED headphones to keep the sound leakage at a...
  24. keanex

    Headphone companies that blatantly overprice products

    A friend recently was talking to me about headphones, asking what would be good and so forth for a budget and it got me thinking. I gave the popular solutions when I realized one of them, the Denon D1001, are out of stock and have been replaced by the D1100. I wanted to know what the hubbub was...
  25. MacedonianHero

    World Class Customer Support from Ultrasone

    I recently had a quality issue with my beloved Edition 8 LE headphones (late Saturday night...9 days ago). I remembered that I had Randy Fuch's (from Ultrasone North America) phone number on an email from when my warranty was registered (7 years of warranty coverage), so I called to leave him a...