1. vonjuergen

    SPEED, PACE & INSTRUMENT SEPARATION : .....SF5 (vi), PFE (122) or MM80 ???

    Hi!   i need a durable (cables) headset for my htc desire with 320k mp3´s     iam after great speed (especially in bass), transients, pace, timing with great instrument separation wouldnt mind louder highs (10k up) as i suffering from hearing loss in the highs (14k up, from 20 yrs...
  2. milkcar

    terribly terribly disappointed with ultimate ears service.

    Hello everyone, I'm just a disgruntled customer from singapore - and i heard that some of you guys could help me out so i really really do appreicate you guys taking time off to read about my rant/problem - cheers i I   did not realise the immensity of how screwed I would be if i RMA'd...
  3. deniall83

    The Top 5 IEM's you have heard or want to hear...

    What are the Top 5 IEM's you have heard or want to hear? I'm thinking about getting a bit of a collection going and I want a few suggestions on what to choose.   Have heard:   Ortofon e-Q7 Ultimate Ears Triple.Fi 10   Want to hear:   Sennheiser IE8 Westone 3 Audio Technica...
  4. Katharn

    Attention: ljokerl or Panasonic RP-HJE900 owners with UE tips.

    Hello, I recently purchased some of these cubic zirconia earphones and so far have not been disappointed. Only problem is that I was planning to spend about $20-50 and ended up going up to $109, haha. But I believe i made the right choice since I'm enjoying them so much. Everything everyone said...
  5. Artemka

    Problem with Ultimate Ears SuperFi 5pro

    Hi everybody. I bought this headphones last summer and really liked them. Unfortunately, a month ago I accidentally pulled cable along with the connector (I am not sure how it is called) out of headphone. I called Ultimate Ears support centre and was told that they do not repair headphones...
  6. prosound

    Ultimate Ears Super.fi 4 price alert 17.99GBP on play.com

    Here's the link   http://www.play.com/Electronics/Electronics/4-/9783657/Ultimate-Ears-SuperFi-4-Noise-Isolating-Headphones/Product.html   Sounds like a bargain. Grab one while you can, though I cannot persuade myself to get another pair of IEMs.
  7. K_19

    The Ultimate Ears Super fi 4 Review

    Hey all, I just bought the Ultimate Ears Super fi 4 today from my local retailer, and thought I'd do a review here as I haven't seen these IEM's discussed much at all. Due to other solid mid-tier phones in this class such as Shure SE110/115/210, Westone UM1, IE6, etc., UE Super fi 4 isn't...
  8. Edwood

    New and Improved Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 v2.0 - Huge Sound in a Tiny Package.

    I've had the privilege to try out the new and improved Super.Fi 5. It is the successor to the original Super.Fi 5. I'll post pics later and edit them into this post when I can later, but until then, read on... DEVICES USED WITH Used with Laptop and Desktop computers. Standard headphone...
  9. TheMarchingMule

    Ultimate Ears 700

    Eh, nothing exciting IMO; price is $230. - Products - Ultimate Ears Earphones Headphones Personal Monitors Ultimate Ears 700 noise-isolating earphones 'for your iPod,' just not that iPod
  10. pez

    Triple fi 10 are literally falling apart.

    Well, I got some Triple fi 10's from a user on here before I left for my trip to Spain.  So far, I've discovered a nic in the cable to where it's showing, and now the left nozzle is literally coming off where the body and the nozzle are put together.  The cable is ok, and not a huge deal as the...
  11. The5ickne55

    Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 Pro, cable problem.

     I been using the UE 5 for almost two years now, recently there is a spot in the cable, that if hit just so will 'kill' (make audio verrrry low) my music. Now I don't know much about these headphones, so can I buy a another cable?  I don't want to spend another 150$ on a new pair X_X
  12. MaoDi

    Ultimate Ears MetroFi 170 & MetroFi 220 Review

    Hello, My Name is Felix and I been kindly offered a sample of the New Ultimate Ears MetroFi 170 & 220 for review. So lets get started! The Pictures are massive for detail, but they aren't the most clear pictures as they are taken with my phone, So please don't come a shoot me for it...
  13. Sumflow

    Poll: How do you wear yours?

    Some of the manufactures may not be aware of how we use their products in real life.  At least one has gone so far as to say they were not designed to be worn in front.  Quote: What do you say? How do you usually wear your monitors?    
  14. MaoDi

    Ultimate Ears 700 -UE700- Review (Comparison/Vs Jays q-Jays)

    Hello, My Name is Felix and I been kindly offered a sample of the Ultimate Ears 700 for Review. So here it goes and hope you all like it! The Pictures are massive for detail, they aren't the most clear pictures as they are taken with my phone. Some updates may be coming too. Keep your Eyes...
  15. Sumflow

    What is the purpose of using a headphone amp on an in-ear stage monitor (IEM)?

    A recent ad said, "Headphone amplifiers are special purpose audio amplifiers designed specifically to drive “dynamic,” headphones to their ultimate performance."   Maybe you can clear this up for me please.  MacIntosh Power Amplifiers like I use to run three-way studio monitors in my home...