1. paulhar

    IEM Repx

    Grr... title should be "IEM Repair UK". Having a bad week. Had one of my UE5pros earbuds fall apart. Both the drivers are intact but one of the wires inside came away from it's solder and it needs a super-fine re-soldering job. And one of our kittens managed to chew through my emergency...
  2. RonyPony

    Ultimate Ears 5 Pro?

    Hi guys !   The UE5's 650 dollars shipped to me i their any other CIEM of better value in that same price range before i place my order
  3. KraftD1

    UE Super.fi 5 pro tips?

    Older model, but wanted to know about getting replacement tips for them.  Do they use the same ones as the Triple.Fi 10 or any of the new models?  Lost one of my medium tips that I have been using on other IEMs and wanted to know if it is possible to get them from somewhere.
  4. syn010110

    Budget custom IEMs with a brighter sound... do they exist?

    I'll try not to be too long-winded but it's a bit hard for an author. :D I've been considering my use of universal IEMs to be somewhat problematic. My ears are, well, strange. I have almost no chance of sealing with silicone tips unless I use ones so large they cause pressure and pain (while...
  5. GordonA

    In-ear headphones with removable cable?

    So Ive been looking for a pair of in-ear headphones with a removable cable. i have read other forums about them being out there but couldn't exactly find a pair on the market. Does anyone have any knowledge and actually brand of such type of headphones??
  6. trose49

    New Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro Review

    New Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro Review Just picked up the new UE super.fi 5 pro's. One Word! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!! I purchased them at my local Guitar Center which offers a special clear (transparent headphone) instead of the black or white available online. This week...
  7. cool_hand

    Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 EB vs UE Super.fi 5 Pro?

    Sorry if this is a double post, if it is please redirect me to a previous thread.. I am thinking about purchasing a pair of Ultimate Ears Earphones. Question? Which are better: Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 Pro Earphones or Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 Extra Bass They are to be used with my...
  8. sionghchan

    Opinion on type of IEM Drivers - Armature vs. Dynamic?

    I've been looking around for more info on this subject but am not finding a lot. I have just recently ventured into the IEM territory. Currently, I'm quite enjoying my SF5pro (although, in my opinion, it still cannot best my HD580 and DT880), however, for portable use, SF5pro is my choice if...
  9. smz337

    UE 4 Pro vs UE 5 Pro

    Hey guys,   I'm looking to make the transition to IEMs and am torn between the UE 4 Pro and UE 5 Pro. At least for the time being, I am only really going to use them for listening to music. I know that the UE 18 and UE 11 are far superior in terms of monitoring, but I don't see myself...
  10. ajmiarka

    Scosche IEM856 - Dual drivers, one armature and one dynamic

    This is an interesting concept to me.  Are there other companies doing this?   I love a warm sound, but sometimes wish that there was a bit more sparkle on the mid/high end.  This seems like it would solve both issues.    I know that Scosche isn't know for their sound, but I thought I would...
  11. CosmosMpower

    Lost my SuperFi 5 Pro's, What to get next?

    I'm not a huge audiophile but I appreciate good quality.  I bought a pair of UE SuperFi Pro 5's about 3 years ago and they've served me well.  I seem to have misplaced them and I'm looking for a replacement.  I was happy with the sound quality of the UE's but they were too big to stay and seal...
  12. Stay808


    I was wondering is it even worth buying custom IEMS if I am going to be running them unamped? I am asking this because I just hate lugging around a huge brick when trying to listen to some decent music on the go.
  13. quadcom

    Inearz/Fischer TF10 remold loss of volume?

    I have a pair of UE TF10's which I've had remolded by Fischer/Inearz. As time has gone by (less than a year) it appears as though the sensitivity of the drivers has dropped off considerably. Currently I have them hooked up to an Cowon i9 plugged into a Zio E11 both running full volume and it is...
  14. JustinTraub

    New music lover, need some help! :)

    Hello everybody, I'm a new audiophile (if that means a person who really loves music just the way it is, not distorted, etc)! I was considering the UE 5 Pros, but then I decided if I were to be serious then why not go for the best and not upgrade, eh? So I'm thinking of buying the UE 18 Pros...
  15. arnoldsoccer4

    Bose IE review on Engadget

    No I am not trying to start another anti Bose thread, I am simply posting this to show you that others do know Bose is overpriced. http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/gadgets/r...his-231867.php Did one of you guys send this to them? ****** Gizmodo, sorry I get my sites mixed up, can a mod change...
  16. brianhem10

    Super.Fi 5 EB vs Triple.Fi 10

    Hi. I've narrowed down my IEM search to these two based on what I can buy them for ($109 and ~$160-$180). I listen to mostly hip-hop and classical rock with 192kbps WMAs. I will not have amp (at least for a year) and have fairly small ears. I just returned a pair of Westone UM1s because they...
  17. ibis99

    UE triple fi 10 for $289. Worth it?

    I found them Brand New for $289. Should I do it? I did like my Pro 5's when I first started this addiction.
  18. jourdanc

    Custom In-Ear (UE 5 Pro) vs Full-Size Headphones

    Hi Guys,   Last year, I got myself a pair of Ultimate Ears 5 Pros (Custom) and I love 'em. Only problem is that I like listening to music at work. Some days, I have to speak a lot to people, and it gets to be quite uncomfortable to keep removing & putting them back on. So I was thinking of...
  19. danielghofrani

    IEMS better than Shure SE315 for classical music?

    Hi folks,   recently I have been considering an upgrade for IEMs. I used to own (just sold) Shure SE315 and I was very happy with the build quality and comfort, however I thought the sound could be more transparent, more detailed and overall more clear. the soundstage is rather poor for...
  20. MRiNiCK

    Best Custom IEM Company

    I'm tired of getting iem of fitting in my ears. So i was thinking of going the customs route. However I dont know any good company that makes custom except UE and 1964. Im looking for a price range of 150-300$ to spend on. thanks alot
  21. Magna224

    Headphone reccomendation

    I am looking for new headphones for my pc. I have been using my UE SF5 EB's for a little while but I want to get full headphones. I was looking at the A700 but everyone says they lack bass. I would be fine with anything that can match or come close to my SF5 EB.  I am looking in the under $150...
  22. Subatomic

    What to do with semi broken IEMs? (UE SF5pros)

    Hey guys,   So a few months ago one side of my SF5pro decided to break (the part that the cable plugs in to pulled out of the housing, making them useless). Since then, I spent ages doing research and eventually settled on a pair of Westone 3s which are fantastic. But the problem is, now...
  23. nsjong

    Buyer's Remorse: Headphones and earphones you bought on impulse and regretted.

    Since there's a seller's remorse thread, why not a buyer's remorse thread? So what's the worst set of cans you bought one impulse? Price or sound, doesn't matter. I have to say mine are the HP460's cause of their price. Not to mention something I just bought off eBay. Link...
  24. jerry007

    So my Ultimate Ears Just died :( Time for a replacement! :D

    So my Ultimate Ears Super Fi 5 Pro's just died. Had them for 7 months, still under warranty. Since they are phased out Logitech is offering me a full refund. Looking for new earphones at the moment, but I prefer not to spend the whole refund on new earphones.   What's the best I can get for...
  25. icemountain

    Help with reshelling sf5pro with additional driver!!

    Hi, Can anyone give opinion? I wanna reshell my sf5pro and i am also planning to add an additional driver. What driver should i add to have a similar sound stage as ue10?