1. ezmacaroni

    Need help picking all-round set of <$200 IEMs for a variety of music

    I've done a bit of research on this site, but I am still relatively new and want to make an educated next purchase. I am looking for suggestions for a pair of IEMs that sound good, with decent bass and as flat a response as possible with decent soundstage. I will mostly be using an iPhone or...
  2. lovgun7

    Came into some money want IEMS

    So I stumbled on some extra cash about $230 (class action settlement and a few amazon gift cards) I use the KOSS KDX200 fo everyday use and I love those things. After searching for my perfect pair of workout / running (which i found jaybird sportsband and the ue200) and running through 11...
  3. WasMan

    Headphone buying advice

    Hey guys, I need your help on selecting a pair of IEMs to replace the UE200s I've been using.... Basically i'm looking for something within $100-$130 and with a mic support (I'll be using a Google Nexus 5 as source), with a real solid build and good accessories selection. As for the sound...
  4. XaltanedgeX


    greetings!   hello,   i will go straight to the point because i am shy :}|    i have a philips mp3 player and my philips she 3790 headphone got break over 9 months. i might buy an ipod or cowon (whatever you will suggest for just music and nothing else)   but i want a...
  5. blaksabath

    Ultimate Ears 200 vs Meelectronics M9 VS DbLogic Ep 100?

    In terms of    -Comfort   -Isolation (MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF EARBUDS/IEM TO ME)   -Sound quality
  6. blaksabath

    Cheap Noise Isolating IEM

    I'm looking for a pair of noise-isolating IEM's   -under 30 dollars -at east as noise cancelling as my old Ultimate Ears 200 were (claimed to be 24 db) -Comfortable
  7. sunandrw

    Help!! Looking for a good pair of ear-buds for $15~$20 (Amazon price)

    Hello everybody,   I'm looking for a pair of in ear headphones for around $20 or less (Amazon price, not retail) I had a pair of Pioneer CL24 and I loved them a lot, but they are getting old so I thought it might be a good time to find some replacements. I'm looking for a pair of IEM...
  8. Siva108

    What's the best out of these?

    Hey guys.   So I'm in the market for some new gear to upgrade the stock earphones in my Sansa Fuze (which are incredible since I haven't really sampled any high end gear).   My options are:   Sennheiser HD201   Sennheiser HD202   Sennheiser HD205 MK-II    Sennheiser...
  9. EmptyTalk

    IEM recommendation - what are the current favorites?

    Although I've been a member for awhile, it's unusual for me to actually post anything related to headphones these days, because I've been very content and satisfied with my gear.  That said, I'm looking for some reasonably priced (around $70.00 budget) IEMs that satisfy the following criteria...
  10. Guysakar

    Shoot Out, and a Question.

    So I got my first pair (three actually) of decent in-ear headphones. Logitech Ultimate Ears/UE 200, Philips SHE3590 (assuming same as 3580), and Monoprice 8320.   Broke UE 200 in for about 30-40 hours, Philips for 25 hours, and none on the Mono.     Overall feeling of quality is hands...
  11. Guysakar

    UE 200 newer model differences.

    I just inadvertently ordered the older model of these 985-000088 with the Logitech on the outside, as opposed to the newer model 985-000227 with just UE on the outside.   All of the good reviews I have read pertained to the newer model. I am just wondering if they also apply to the older, if...
  12. zilla7777

    Should I look at Etymotic hf5's, or something else?

    Hey guys,   I've been lurking for a fair while here, and have been in desperate search of some decent IEM's. What I was wondering is, what are peoples thoughts on the Etymotic hf5's? They seem to be the price range I am looking for, but I am concerned they may be a little lacking on the low...
  13. Ultimate Ears 200 Noise-Isolating Earphones, Grey

    Ultimate Ears 200 Noise-Isolating Earphones, Grey

    Ultimate Ears 200 Noise-Isolating Earphones get in the zone. Designed by Ultimate Ears, these sweet-sounding earphones give you the right fit even if you've got small ears.