1. S

    (Found answer) Are there other Lightning to Type-C audio cables besides Fiio's?

    Edit: I was able to find the answer! See my post a couple comments down for some information if you're interested :) Hello, I'm a little confused trying to distinguish between all the different cables out there on the market. I know Fiio has their own cable that can actually transfer audio...
  2. FiiO Q5s TC (Type-C)

    FiiO Q5s TC (Type-C)

  3. peter123

    Zorloo Ztella USB C DAC impressions thread

    This thread is for discussions regarding the soon to be released Zorloo Ztella USB-DAC. As a sucker for DAC/Amps in general and portable ones specifically I'm hyped about this new offering from Zorloo...
  4. H

    USB type C vs. 3.5mm jack

    Since most new Smartphone manufacturers ditch the 3.5mm jack, i am curious, if headphones who connect via the type c port would have the same sound quality?
  5. bmichels

    looking for very short Type-c to Type-c USB OTG cable ? anyone know ?

    To connect my A&K player to an external SSD USB Disk, I am looking for a USB " Type-C to Type-C " OTG cable like this. 10 cm maximum and L shaped if possible. Anyone know where to get it ?