1. Adnen Ayed

    Floating Bearing Turntable by Yuki Precision

    I came across this beautiful product and thought I'll share it here for analog Headfiers. The japanese precision parts processing manufacturer, Yuki Precision, has developed its first audio product, an analog turntable labelled "AP0". By designing a bearing that floats thanks to a magnet, the...
  2. PopGenie

    SOLD Violectric PPA V600 Phono PreAmp

    I’m selling my Violectric V600 Phono pre-amplifier, it has six steps from +30 dB to +60 dB. In addition, it has 17 input capacitance switches for MM and 9 input impedance switches for MC. If you want a phono amplifier with balanced input/output that is what you are looking for. It also has three...
  3. neogeosnk

    FS: Emotiva XPS-1 Phono Preamp

    Emotiva XPS-1 phono pre-amp up for sale. Used about 5 months, comes with original box. Not using it anymore (bought something else) but sounds great! No trades, have too much stuff. Free shipping and ppl fees conus only. Pic
  4. Arsis

    Turntable Platter mats /Slipats

    Hi guys, I have for sale a variety of slipmats that I design and draw using nothing but my eyes. I have ALS and I am paralyzed. My wife makes the mats in our garage and our shop is our only source of income. Thanks for your interest...
  5. TronII

    Most Neutral Phono Cartridge Under $200 USD?

    I have an Audio Technica LP-120 turntable with an AT95E cartridge and am looking to upgrade. I've heard about Ortofon 2M Reds, but saw the Blue (which claimed to be more linear and less warm than the Red.) However, the Blue is double the price of the Red, and that claim seems suspect to me, due...
  6. Toob-Toob

    WITHDRAWN: Koetsu Black Goldline retipped by Soundsmith

    Selling a Koetsu Black Goldline retipped by Soundsmith on 02/19 (new boron cantilever and new nude contact line stylus). Mounted just to verify that it worked. No hours on it. $985 plus shipping.
  7. Heyday Turntable

    Heyday Turntable

  8. Todd

    SOTA Turntables and Audioquest power conditioning!

    We welcome SOTA back into the TTVJAudio fold! SOTA Turntables have long been an audiophile favorite. We are glad to have them back at TTVJAudio. We will have their top of the line tables on our site soon. We begin with their updated and upgraded entry level turntables, the Moonbeam and Comet...
  9. Silver Note 512-S Tonearm

    Silver Note 512-S Tonearm

    A Tone Arm manufactured by a British start up from his home. High End Tone Arms, Each hand crafted and made to order.
  10. wormsdriver


    Project Essential III Special Edition The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's TT In very good condition, used for maybe 15 hours it doesn't get much use so I'm looking to sell it. I would like to bundle it with my LP's and an Audioquest Anti-static record cleaning brush. I also bought a 50 pack of rice paper...
  11. R

    Question about speakers for 2 sources

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is the right forum to ask my questions; sorry for my English as well as this is not my primary language (might not use all those technical words). Anyway, since a couple of weeks, I'm thinking about acquiring a new turntable, a proper amp and some nice quality...
  12. audioeverest

    Does it worth a Thorens Reference $ 50k ?

    Hello everyone, What do you think? Thanks
  13. mulder01

    For sale: Marantz TT-15S1 Turntable + Violectric PPA v600 Preamp

    Marantz TT-15S1 Turntable bought from Aussie HiFi approx 18 months ago. Probably about 10hrs use on it. Set up by the store owner. Tonearm and cartridge included (Clearaudio Virtuoso). Will also include 2 record and 2 stylus cleaners as per photos and the included record clamp. Although I...
  14. Mrgrinch

    Can i use Dragonfly black as an amp for turntable?

    So I have a question. Is it possible to use Dragonfly black as an amplifier for a turntable if the turntable has a phono preamp inside? I was thinking something like using RCA to female USB cable - dragonfly - headphones. Or would it be possible to use USB turntable and stick the dragonfly into...
  15. Ksweene5

    Turntable Question - Pro-ject Debut Carbon Espirit SB and its place in the world

    Hi HF - I could post this in a more turntable oriented forum, but I like the HF community more. Where, in your estimation, does a ProJect Debut Carbon Esprit SB fall among turntables? Is it a stepping stone? Is the money better spent on a vintage table ?(everything else I use is vintage)...
  16. S

    Turntable Pre-amps

    I've been doing quite a bit of reading up on some affordable yet good phono pre-amps on the market. The model I keep coming back to is the Schiit moni. I'm curious if anybody else has one or has any luck with one. I'm currently running directly to a Marantz 1060 phono stage and have great luck...
  17. TheSonicTruth

    Gemini XL-1800Q TT Counterweight Issue

    Gemini XL-1800Q DJ TT Counterweight Issue: Hello, don't know if there is a better Head-Fi sub-forum to post this on, but both the tonearm counterweight and the legend ring(the thing with grams etched on it) both turn, independently of each other! So aside from ordering the scale appropriate...
  18. Classymc

    Grounding Issue - Phono Preamp

    Hi, I currently am experiencing a buzzing sound with my system when no music is playing. My set up is: Marantz Turntable --> Pro-ject Phono Preamp --> Cambridge Audio Amplifier --> Speakers. I have tried to separate the pre amp as far away as possible from any electrical sources and have...
  19. AReasonableMan

    Pro-Ject RPM 1.3 w/Sumiko Pearl Cartridge, Misc Upgrades

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to get out of the analogue game to save some money while I'm still in college. $300+Shipping gets you a belt-drive 'table with a completely isolated motor, a cork slipmat, and a sorbothane isolation pad for the motor. I've had it since March, and it's only gotten around...
  20. Double-A

    How should I transfer vinyl music to iTunes?

    Hello, I am thinking about possibly purchasing a turntable so that I can start buying records to transfer to iTunes as digital files because I prefer the warmth of vinyl over digital music. Also, I like the pops in vinyl; I think it adds character to the music. I don't think I would use the...
  21. Classymc

    Upgrading Headphone Amplifier

    I'm looking to upgrade my current setup which is a turntable connected to a Little Dot MKII headphone amplifier (this headphone amp can act as a pre-amp). What I would like to do is to be able to have a system which allows me to connect my turntable, speakers, headphones and PS4 all into one...
  22. arteom

    Paul Hynes MM/MC Phono Stage 115/220v

    Downsizing my gear, have decided to move to an integrated amp. Excellent sound phono preamp. I bought it off Audio Circle used for $800. When it first arrived, I noticed a mechanical buzz coming from the power supply case (it's a two case system). I contacted Paul Hynes, who said it would need a...
  23. barryt

    Critiquing Phono Preamp in Austin

    Hello, I have been working on upgrading my phono preamp I call the Black Swan and am looking for vinyl audiophiles here in Austin, TX to critique and possibly review the units. I have optimized the moving coil sections for the Benz Ruby Z and all Benz in general. It also has moving magnets...