tube headphone amp
  1. P

    Weird voltage measurements when rebiasing a Stax SRM-T1S energizer

    Dear all, this is my first post on Head-Fi. I've just made some upgrades on my Stax SRM-T1S tube electrostatic headphone energizer (recap, added safety resistors to output terminals, replaced plate resistors with constant current sources (CCS's) - see this Head Case post and its parent thread...
  2. Rabco

    Help please. Haven’t bought new cans in years: <$400, over ear, wired, comfy w/eyeglasses

    Like some other posts I’ve read, the current market has a myriad of choices. My current headphones are years old Sennheiser 555’s. They were purchased partly because the Sony’s I had back then seemed harsh to me. I’m not interested in earbuds, in-ear, etc as my ear canal openings are no where...
  3. Andykong

    Cayin HA-6A Class A KT88/EL34 Tube Headphone Amplifier

    Its EL34 based but you can use KT88 as well. More detail will be available next week, but if you are attending Canjam Shanghai and want to preview this, the Cayin HA-6A is pairing with Empyrean at Meze booth (B7-B9).