1. oicdn

    *UPDATE* REVIEW: 21 "Mainstream" portable amps. GoVibe MAGNUM added.

    The formatting of this thread is: The impressions of each amp. Then the rankings on a cumulative level, although SQ based, it's not the sole reasoning, as you can find that out from most every review out there. With portables, I believe practicality plays a HUGE HUGE role. After the rankings...
  2. cetoole

    New Millett Hybrid Maxed Amp

    Just thought I would post a quick pic of the reason I am still up tonight. Just having real trouble turning Opeth's Deliverance CD off. Had a bit of trouble with way too much gain and getting the volume knob too high with my KSC75's earlier tonight, and even with my HD580s, I cant even make it a...
  3. Spriggs

    TTVJ Millet hybrid portable tube amp question

    I recently got a TTVJ portable hybrid tube amp and i love it atm but there are a few things i have a questions about help would be most apprecieated.   First are there any specifics on how to do the blue tac mod for the microphonics of the tube like under the tubes or over or inbetween ect...
  4. kbuzz

    Newbie Question Portable Amp/DAC with a PC

    Id like to see if i can use my TTVJ amp/dac with my pc and desktop speakers-which use the headphone output on my cpu.  I have hooked up USB out from the PC via mini usb to the TTVJ input and the outputted to the mini stereo cable to the speakers. After changing the cpu to output via usb device...
  5. willkayak4food

    Please recommend a good sounding [preferably tube] portable DAC/headphone amp

    After my recent troubles with the otherwise pretty nice sounding HiFiMan EF2A, though I'm not entirely ruling out giving a replacement EF2A a chance, I feel I should be keeping my ears open for something else to take its place, as I'm now a bit wary of HiFiMan's quality control issues.   In...
  6. Benny-x

    ALO The Continental vs. Millet Hybrid

    Hey everyone, I've had my eye on the new portable tube amp by ALO, but I've also been wondering about the Millet Hybrid too. I've been searching around the boards, but I haven't found any comparisons between the two. I thought that was kinda odd since they occupy the same market, unless I'm...
  7. FlatNine

    Just Ordered the TTVJ Slim

    I just spoke to Todd at TTVJ and ordered the Slim for $349 USD. From all the reading, it seems like a perfect fit for me. Nevertheless, I'm having a bit of buyer's remorse. It's not like an amp is totally necessary, and there are certainly less expensive amps on the market. (and waaay more...
  8. kostalex

    BLOX TM5 - top earbud, competing with PK1 and OK1

    BLOX TM5 - top earbud, competing with PK1 and OK1 Like with my other reviews, I would start from the end, so conclusions first: TM5 is the most efficient among the best earbuds and the best among the most efficient. It is on par with Yuin PK1 and OK1 in terms of SQ, but plays better...
  9. DavidMahler

    I truly believe these are one of the best Classical Music headphones I've ever heard

    When I first tried these I was underwhelmed.  I had a preconception that because the headphones were closed back that they would resemble the DT770 in a way and have that extra impact bass.  These headphones are in fact so pronouncedly different from every other Beyer I've tried, that I wasn't...
  10. Austin Morrow

    TTVJ Slim: The Super Sweet Portable Amp (Review)

      TTVJ, or Todd The Vinyl Junkie, as most people know him by, has unveiled his second portable headphone amp. While I may be a little late to the party, there haven’t been very many reviews on this particular amp. If you didn’t know, Todd was very recognized for releasing the very first...
  11. travisg

    ALO The Continental

    I just ordered this amp and thought I would start a thread on it. We are happy to bring you this LIMITED EDITION tube amp. The ALO audio Continental was designed to bring the highest aim of tube amplification - accurate and open musical presentation - to a portable, hand-held device. This aim...
  12. paradise

    Class A tube

    Are there any [near portable] class A tube headphone amps out there?
  13. Senpai3330

    Blu-Tack vs Dynamat?

    I've heard of both being used as dampening material. I have a hard time believing there isn't a clear winner between the two simply because of the huge differences (putty vs sheets). Anyone care to speak a little on the subject?
  14. popcorn

    where to buy TTVJ Millett portable amp?

    I was looking for the portable TTVJ Millett amp...any links to retail? or even a pico?   (UK preferred)   Thanks..
  15. blmelon

    DIY Amps?

    Are these worth looking into? I have seen several on the FS/FT forums that seemed pretty nice and decent prices too. Are there folks around here that would build one for someone else? No way I would be able build it myself. I am thinking about spending in the $250 range. I was looking at...
  16. bigandtall

    Is $80 a good price for Sennheiser HD 595?

    Hey all,  I've been wanting to get my feet wet with some Sennheisers and recently came across some HD 595's for $80 on Craigslist. They are only 3 months old and have had light use. I've been looking for some HD 580's or HD 600's, but haven't had a lot of luck. Seems like these are a good...
  17. triode12

    TTVJ Hybrid Portable owners registry

    Seeing as that there are approx 200 of these amps in existence and most likely most of them owned by Head-fiers, I thought it might be interesting to who owns one or two of these amps. I know that some of these amps have also made their way to Japan.
  18. jelt2359

    TTVJ Millett Portable Hybrid = Awesome

    I can't figure out why all the other threads on this are in the 'fullsize amp' category. This thing is so small! Certainly smaller than my iQube, and thinner than my D10. Anyway, just got it to use with my JH13s. The synergy is amazing. It is so soft and seductive. It sucked me into the...
  19. mattering

    need some Portable Amp suggestion :D

    Hey guys! I currently own a pair of westone 3 and DT770 Pro 250 Ohms and I need suggestions on portable amps since I travel back and forth from USA to Singapore. I need a headphone amp to drive my current cans and also i plan to buy a HD650 and JH16 in the future. I will be using my iPod Touch...
  20. Lechango

    Headphone Amp necessary with Marantz Receiver?

    Hello. I own a little Marantz 2015 receiver which I hook all my components on my desk up to, I have my Millet Hybrid tube amp hooked up through the tape out, but recently after switching between the amp and the headphone jack on the receiver I have began to question the boost in sound quality...
  21. Purpleness

    Best amp for thunderpants <150$ ?

    Hello,  Recently i heard about thunderpants (Fostex T50RP Mod by Smeggy) and would like to make my own. However, i have no amp :/   I am open to a portable or nonportable amp, or even a sound card. I am also intrested in the kits being sold on ebay.  I would like to preferably spend...
  22. loghead

    My first post... Question regarding the LCD2s, source, and other noob inquiries

    Hello. I have done my best to acclimate myself to the sound and fury that is, and this is my first post, so kindly steer me in the right direction if I veer off course   Anyway, I consider myself a moderate audiophile in that I am obsessed with music, but have not delved...
  23. HK_Xclio

    DIY tube headphone amp

    Hello people. I want to build a Hybrid tube headphone amplifier, the amp need's to run headphones with high OHM, and has to sound good allround. i like live sound feeling with phat bass. (this depends allot on the headset, i know. but first of all i want to build the amp and then test...
  24. m0b1liz3

    Combo DAC/AMP or buy/DIY DAC to go with Millet SS + D2000s?

    I haven't been on Head-fi for ages now.    I have been using a Line 6 Guitar port as my DAC into a Millet Starving Student that I built.  I always thought the Guitarport as a DAC wasn't ideal.  But I also am not sure how happy I am with the MHSS as an amp for the D2000s.  I had contemplated...
  25. agjios

    Why aren't people using studio amps over custom hi-fi amps?

    Hey everyone, just looking to the veterans to clear up some confusion.  I feel like I've searched a bit and understand the basics, but I have a few questions.   Cliff's notes: 1) Why are hi-fi amps reviewed, talked about, and traded more than studio headphone amps here? 2) Why are hi-fi...