trn v90
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    IEM for sound engineer

    I'm looking for some backup IEM for my work as a sound engineer. My normal headphones are a pair of DT770 pro, but as I constantly use them for work it happens that they sometimes break. So far I have repaired them 4 times for various reasons. So I would like a decent pair of backups that I can...
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    Budget Chi-Fi recommendation help

    Hey guys! Looking at TRN V90 vs CCA C12 vs Blon BL-03 vs GuideRay GR-i Could you recommend me between these 4 earphones based on some things I'm interested in? Sub bass - which has most of that low end sub-bass impact and slam Mid bass - which has the least bleed into the mids, that veil...
  3. Tail

    Sennheiser IE80 vs Chi-Fi

    Hey guys! I own a pair of Sennheiser IE80. Friend bought KZ ZSX and I tried them, just to be amazed at how 7 times cheaper iems almost match mine and even surpass them in some aspects. ZSX sounded clearer, more detailed and precise, and bass even tho described as "boomy" and "veiled" was more...
  4. TRN V90

    TRN V90

    TRN V90 This is the new $45-50+ flagship of the TRN brand, it has four customized BA drivers and one 10mm diamond-graphite diaphragm DD per side. The shell is all aluminum with acoustic air vents on the backplate under the logo. Spec's 22ohms @ 110dB with a frequency response of 7-40kHz. Cable...