1. Mobat

    Sold! Please close

    I need a fullsize headphone more than I need my Orion. By far the cleanest earphone I've ever used. Tops everything I've used from even higher price brackets in clarity and separation. Primarily looking for a Nighthawk, Grado (maybe a Ultrasone Pro 900) or an HD600/650/6xx but all offers are...
  2. Nicholas Seltzer

    WTT: Want to trade mint LCD-2 for mint HD800 in Norcal/Nornev

    Hi all, I have a mint LCD-2 less than 1 year old and 1 owner (me). I love them and take great care of them. However, I love them so much I got LCD-3. Now thinking I'd like to swap them for something different. And what's more different than the good ol' HD800? Since I'm looking for straight up...
  3. cossix

    Want to Audition: TH900 mk2/ZMF Atticus

    Not sure if people do this but I was hoping somebody would be willing to lend either TH900 mk2 or ZMF Atticus for 1 week. I've completed a similar deal with a highly rated member and his HD800 and amplifier, along with other various accessories. I would share their username upon request if you...
  4. cookscreek

    Wtt sr325e for sony 1000x

    Grado sr325e for sony 1000x
  5. jamescheru

    Please remove

  6. Tex Irie

    iFi-Audio Micro iDSD, & Bose QC35 for Trade seeking an Oppo PM-3

    I would like to trade all the following items iFi-Audio Micro iDSD (Silver) & Bose QC35 in excellent condition for a pair of Oppo PM-3 in excellent condition or best offer. Please PM me if your are interested.
  7. Mobat

    Thread has been closed

    I have one used T51i ($100+ paypal fees and shipping) and one like new e70 ($230+ shipping and paypal fees). Both have their boxes and accesories and both are in good condition. Pictures will be posted soon and are avaible upon request. I really like the e70's and i think the t51i is a fantastic...
  8. DaiLoDong

    {WTT/WTB} [H] PayPal [W] CA Andromeda

    I'm located in Canada. Preference goes towards a Jupiter + Paypal trade for the Andromedas. If you are just selling, I'm interested as well. Please list your price (or PM me) Preferably smoke-less, pet-less, kid-free homes. Pictures are now up.
  9. thi181

    WTB Chord Mojo

    I'm looking for this , please PM me if you have one.
  10. fenrir35

    [For Trade] Headstage Arrow 12 He 4g Amp

    Hi. I'm living in Turkey. Since last year PayPal is not working in my country anymore.(i don't know why) So i can't receive a payment with paypal. I want to trade my amp with an iem. appr. 150 EURO. Also i have a Sony F-886 i will trade high end iems f886+arrow 4g. I can ship anywhere but...
  11. MBK1Musica

    FT: Brand New Audeze iSine 10 for HE-500, Blackwood, ÆON

    Hello ! I bought two Audeze iSine 10 and decided to trade the second one for a headphone. Interested - and willing to add cash - in: - Hifiman HE-500 - ZMF Blackwood - MrSpeakers ÆON - MrSpeakers Alpha Prime - Balanced 4-pin XLR cables. Or any other interesting offer...
  12. jamescheru

    SOLD: Hifiman HE400i for trade

    8 months old Hifiman HE400i for trade. I bought the headphones 3 weeks back from a fellow head-fier who bought them new. The headphones are in excellent condition without any signs of wear. They are not the best synergy with my Astell&Kern AK70, they were however the best sound I have...
  13. 2chinzz

    WTB/WTT for Oppo PM-2

    Hi everyone, I am looking to pick up an Oppo PM-2. Please PM with offers + ship from location If you are open to trades I have: Schiit Vali 2 with a phillips tube and sovtek tube Massdrop Noble X + additional 1964 IEM cable w/microphone Massdrop Sennheiser HD6XX - expected to ship in Dec. 2017...
  14. Yogibear91

    shp9500 trade / potential sale

    I have just bought some philips shp9500 and after listening to them feel that in my opinion they lack to much low end with too high a bump in the low mids. this being said they did pack tons of detail, had plenty of energy and are a class comfy hi-res headphone, just not my kind of sound...
  15. Ksweene5

    Headphones FS (or even better) FT- Philips Fidelio , ATH-M50x , Sennheiser HD650 , Pinnacle P1 IEM

    Hi HF - Looking to thin the herd a little, and try out some new equipment. Unless noted, everything here is in excellent-to-mint condition functionally and cosmetically, and include original packaging etc. Available I have - - Philips Fidelio X1 - Audio Technica ATH-M50x (Blue/Bronze) -...
  16. krumley7882

    Interest Check: My Ayre QB-9 DSD for your Schiit Yggdrasil

    Hi Team Wanted to throw this proposition out to the HF Universe and see if any interest is thrown back. Exploring trading my black Ayre QB-9 DSD for a Schiit Yggy. Shoot me a PM if interested.
  17. Music Path

    Sony XBA-H3 IEM´s (SOLD)

    Hello, Selling these Sony XBA-H3 IEM´s in good state. Now i´m using the ie800´s, so i´m going sell the Sony´s. For more questions please send PM. Pictures below. Thank You
  18. klipper

    Hifiman HM-901s + accesories

    Hi, I put for trade this great player. It's 1 year and 2 months old and I'm the first owner. It comes with 2 batteries (1 new), box and accessories. Iem and balanced card Custom leather case 256gb sd Card class 10 It's in great shape (9/10), never used in street. The sound is stunning paired...
  19. saxophone

    [FS/FT] Audioquest NightHawk (GONE)

    I am selling/trading because I barely use these as they are too similar to my HD 650. These are glossier than my HD 650 and so I keep it in its box almost all of the time. I will post pictures later (too lazy to take them at the moment). Let me know if you have any questions. Photos...