1. Notanaudiophile85

    (Gone) Sennheiser hd 630vb

    I’m selling a pair of Sennheiser hd 630vb. I rarely have an opportunity to use them, which is why I’m selling or trading. They are in excellent condition. I purchased them November 2017 at a store called Gramophone. I am the original owner. They’re barely used. I’m not a headphone but they...
  2. Noloben

    FS: Hifiman 400i

    HE-400i with 3rd party pads for sale, bought few month ago from forum member, barely used it, good condition, box etc. Found one small scratch, see pictures. Right now are in the US. PP fee and US delivery are on me. Pictures:
  3. C

    For trade Sony MDR z1r Kimble Axios 6.3mm for your Sony MDR z1r Kimble Axios 4.4mm

    For trade Sony MDR z1r Kimble Axios 6.3mm for your Sony MDR z1r Kimble Axios 4.4mm
  4. fbny71

    WTT Audioquest Evergreen Interconnect

    I have two of the AudioQuest - Evergreen (2.0m, Mini-to-RCA) like the one in the link below. Hoping to trade one of them for a 1-meter Evergreen, or similar, RCA to RCA. I need a directional cable- I'm trying to remove a ground hum issue...
  5. Playstation

    WTT smsl dac

    smsl sd - 793ii for something of equal, slightly lesser/above value that has it's own power supply(not usb) which has optical input and headphone output that supports 5.1/7.1 surround sound
  6. Ksweene5

    WTT: Multiple Items - Beyerdynamic DT-990, Apogee Groove, Meze Classic 99s, Aiwa Arc-1

    Hi Head-Fi - ** Added UE Triple.Fi IEMs and prices for outright sale I am looking to shake up my gear and have multiple items I would like to trade (selling outright is an option too). Items I have available for trade are - New Apogee Groove headphone dac / amp - $200 New Beyerdynamic DT-880...
  7. Ksweene5

    WTT: Apogee Groove USB DAC/AMP Brand New In Box

    Hi HFers - I am looking to trade a brand new Apogee Groove USB DAC/Amp. If you are on this forum you probably know about Apogee and the Groove - general info is copied below. This was a gift I just didn't have use for as I already have a couple portable units. I prefer sound that is accurate...
  8. Kenneth Galang

    Empire Ears Legend X Universal SELL OR TRADE FOR SOLARIS

    9/10 Condition: Micro abrasions Comes with: Everything included when bought retail. Cable is 3.5mm First time seller, Bought April 28, 2018 Selling for some funds and the want of an alloy IEM. As a student, I'm out and about pretty frequently and me stuffing my IEM's in my bag multiple times...
  9. Tex Irie

    WTT: Hiby R6 for Headphones (MDR-Z7, EL-8, etc.)[Trade Pending]

    If anyone is looking for a DAP and has headphones of similar value they would like to trade please PM me and make an offer. This Hiby R6 includes the original accessories and a 200GB Sandisk Micro SD card.
  10. Sotiris

    Almost new Grado 225i

    Hi all I own a 3 years old Grado 225i headphones. I have used them , i can say 6 months only since i bought the LCD 2 later. So we could say that they are nmot even burnt. I have the Senheizer HD444 foams also Place : Europe I am in VERY interested also in trading with portable DAC\amp or...
  11. tehchewy

    *SOLD* Thx00

    The Thx00 are sold!
  12. fleasbaby

    Trade for Beyerdynamic DT880 or DT770

    Hi All, I am looking to trade Grado-style wooden cups for a pair of Beyerdynamics. I am after, specifically, the DT880 or the DT770, but will consider other models. 250 ohms or lower is preferred. I have several different pairs of cups available in Mahogany, in several different styles. We can...
  13. Luxifer

    Bottlehead Mainline for Headphones Trade: Focal, Stax, Audeze, HiFiMan, Sennheiser

    I'd be wiling to trade the Mainline for any of these, with PayPal to balance things out as needed: HE-1000, HE-6, Focal Clear, Focal Elex, HD800, LCD-3, LCD-X, Stax L300 LE, Stax L700, Stax 007. I'm willing to consider other offers. I also have some other items to trade, both audio and...
  14. Kitchener

    Trade: Want STAX SRM-252S, have STAX SRM-313

    Location: Norway I have an SRM-313 rated for 240 Volts that I would like to trade for a smaller SRM-252S unit. -Preferably with a power supply rated for 240 Volts. I'm running into some placement problems and would like something smaller to pair with my L300. The unit is in perfect working...
  15. Nusu

    Anyone got for sale Aurisonic ASG 2?

    Hi, I'm a big fan of Aurisonic, unfortunately, I had to sell mine a long time ago, but I still miss them and I want them back. Does anyone got for sale Aurisonic ASG 2? (NOT 2.5) I live in the UK. Please leave a comment or PM me. Thanks!

    TRADE: Have Sony MDR-Z7 with box+cable // Want Audio Technica ATH-W1000X

    I'll have pics of my headphones up soon. They're in near perfect condition, but have seen a lot of use. I just look after my stuff really well so they are pristine. Want very good condition ATH-W1000x or perhaps other AT woodies. Just PM me. UK ONLY
  17. willsw

    SOLD HiFiMAN HE-500 for trade or sale

    Bought these a while ago. I like them but don't find myself listening to them very often, or at all, really. I don't listen to headphones at home enough to have this set. They're in good condition and I have the box and an extra pair of connectors I could include for $10 extra (same price as on...
  18. Mobat

    Fostex TH-600 (price drop)

    I've descided to put these headphones up for grabs because I want to try some new gear. The TH-600 is in fair condition with some scratches on the 1/4 inch adapter, and some small chips on the yolk. There is also a small tear on the Ori pad but it doesnt affect comfort or the structural...
  19. Trippin

    Master and Dynamic MH40 (Blue and Silver)

    Bought only three months ago and havnt found much use for it since im now in college, would like to trade for IEMs. Only in Pune or Mumbai.(Long shot I know but trying all avenues)
  20. The Correlation


    FINAL PRICE DROP. Up for sale is my HE1000 V1. It is in mint condition with all accessories. The box even still has the protective wrap over the aluminium top, as pictured below. They are an absolute pleasure to listen to and have a soundstage that is taller and deeper than my HD800. Their...
  21. Mobat


    Selling or trading the Campfire Audio Lyra 1 for something of equivalent value or cash. I will accept IEM's, Amps/Dacs or DAP's that allow for use of Spotify. I'm also really interested in a TH900, an Atticus or an Eikon so for that, I'd be willing to add in my TH-600's with Ori pads...
  22. Gnomeplay


    Hi, I'm looking to sell or trade my Ether Flow. The condition is nearly mint, and the original angled pads have seen very little use. The e-stat pads are in 7/10 condition. There aren't any notable scratches or scuffs, and I've babied them. I'm interested in trades within a similar price range...
  23. Ksweene5

    AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon Over Ear Headphones - Mint! - WTT for IEM

    Hello - I have a mint pair of Audioquest NightOwl Carbons I am looking to trade. These are mint, come with original packaging etc, and have about 60hrs on them. I just don't use them as much as I would use a set of IEMs - thus I am looking to trade the Carbons for some new in ear headphones...
  24. LTSFBH

    SOLD - Audio-gd COMPASS

    Anyone have headphones they'd like to trade for my excellent condition AG Compass DAC/amp? Sounds great and works perfectly. I have two other AG amps so willing to part with one. Not looking for anything in particular, so will consider all offers (including UIEM). Thanks! Pics added below...
  25. Kevin Tam