1. sam1e

    Audeze LCD-3. Newcomer the Toxic Silver Widow cable takes on the incumbent king the Qaudio cable and the Audeze stock cable.

    Well folks I have had my Audeze LCD-3 for some time now and have never been truly happy with the sound, too dark I thought at first so they went back to Audeze for a check up and came back with new drivers and a new sound graph, a vast improvement giving more air to the sound and greater...
  2. JTZL2

    IE80 replacement cable

    I'm considering either the Sunrise CIEM cables ( from BTG audio) or Galaxy silver ( Zero shoe) to pair with my IE80s.   I've also looked at Silver Toxic cables and the price range is very far from the 2 cables I've mentioned.   Should i select either of the cheaper cables before getting...
  3. Joe-Siow

    Listening Impressions: Toxic Silver Poison/ TWag v2 Gold & Toxic Scorpion/ TWcu v3

    I have been using several third party cables with my previous ES5 and current Miracles. They include TWag v1, v2, TWcu 26 and Silver Dragon.   I recently sold my Silver Dragon and am on the lookout for copper cables for use with my Miracle and 3rd Anniversary Studio V. With the help of some...
  4. Staal

    Review: The Toxic Cables 8-wire Hybrid IEM cable (& comparison with TWag Hybrid)

    Intro   Frank from Toxic Cables has been kind enough to let me audition his 8-wire hybrid IEM cable. My ears were pleased, however, my wallet was not as I ended up liking the cable so much that I had to buy it. Much like the one released by Whiplash this cable is also a hybrid cable...
  5. Blackcircle

    Change from Cardas cable for HD600 to ......?

    Hi, I want to ask you some advice, I would like to rewire my HD 600 with cables Toxic Cables, currently on my HD 600 I as a Cardas cable. In particular, I would ask you, if there is a big difference between the Viper and the Silver Poison in listening, and if the difference with the Cardas...
  6. Kunlun

    [REVIEW]: The Silver Poison: Pure, Cyro-Treated, Silver Cable For In-Ear Monitors From Toxic Cables

    Synopsis:  Toxic Cables’ Silver Poison are top-tier, pure silver upgrade cables for custom in-ear monitors. They sound beautiful, combining smoothness and presence with the superior detail silver cables are known for.  An attractive, classy look and high-quality build complement the sound. For a...
  7. paintedr3d

    Need question about cables

    Ok so would I benefit from a better cable? Does it improve sound or is it just about durability? I have a pair of sound magic hp100s.
  8. Toxic Cables Silver Poison

    Toxic Cables Silver Poison

    The wire used for this cable is something very special and made only for me. Pure OCC Silver with Pure Gold injected into it to cover and microscopic gaps the silver might still have. This gives the signal an ultra smooth surface with no crystal boundaries. The gold also add a touch of extra...