1. Joe-Siow

    Listening Impressions: Toxic Silver Poison/ TWag v2 Gold & Toxic Scorpion/ TWcu v3

    I have been using several third party cables with my previous ES5 and current Miracles. They include TWag v1, v2, TWcu 26 and Silver Dragon.   I recently sold my Silver Dragon and am on the lookout for copper cables for use with my Miracle and 3rd Anniversary Studio V. With the help of some...
  2. Kunlun

    [REVIEW]: The Silver Poison: Pure, Cyro-Treated, Silver Cable For In-Ear Monitors From Toxic Cables

    Synopsis:  Toxic Cables’ Silver Poison are top-tier, pure silver upgrade cables for custom in-ear monitors. They sound beautiful, combining smoothness and presence with the superior detail silver cables are known for.  An attractive, classy look and high-quality build complement the sound. For a...
  3. Staal

    The Toxic Cables "Scorpion" OCC copper IEM cable (Review)

    I've been spending quite a lot of time with the "Scorpion" IEM cable by Toxic Cables lately and this is my review   Toxic Cables While Toxic Cables appears to have been in business for quite some time producing cables for various high-end full-size headphones it was only recently they got...
  4. Toxic Cables Scorpion OCC Cooper IEM Cable

    Toxic Cables Scorpion OCC Cooper IEM Cable

    "Scorpion" 26AWG Stranded OCC Copper, will be £85 pre order, (available in clear and translucent black), 24AWG also available in clear, OCC Cooper IEM Cable