totl iem
  1. David Giler

    TOTL IEM for Modern Pop music

    Any recommendations for a TOTL iem for modern pop music/Latin? I listen to what usually plays on the radio these days, like Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, Bad Bunny. If no recommendation, what sound signature should I be looking for?
  2. matl

    Intimate, warm, mid-centric TOTL IEM recommendations for classical and popular music

    Hi, my name is Mat, I’m new here and this is my first (probably way too long) post — amazing forum, I’ve already spent way too much time here in the past couple of weeks reading :D I hope you guys can help me with some thoughts. My question - short version: I’m looking for a mid-centric...
  3. silvahr

    Sold: Earsonics S-EM9 IEM's in mint condition (bought new 25.04.2019)

    Selling Earsonics S-EM9 IEM's in mint condition, bought new 25/04/2019. Great pair of IEM's, with very balanced sound. Without question TOTL territory. I'm the first owner. They are in immaculate condition as you can see in the pictures. In original box, with all original accesories most of...
  4. Vision Ears Erlkönig

    Vision Ears Erlkönig

    A BRAND NEW WORLD OF SOUND The ERLKöNIG has been developed so that you can experience music like never before. It is equipped with 13 balanced armature Drivers, consisting of four bass, four mids, four highs and one super tweeter. This powerful engine is controlled by a passive 5-way system to...
  5. HiFiMAN RE2000 Silver

    HiFiMAN RE2000 Silver

    Hifiman RE2000 Silver The Hifiman RE2000 Silver is an In-Ear Monitor with a 9.2mm dynamic-topology driver. It carries a frequency response of 5 Hz to 20 kHz and operates at a sensitivity of 103 dB. The RE2000 also features a removable cable. Wide frequency response of 5 Hz to 20 kHz...
  6. damart81

    FS: Jomo Audio Flamenco IEM Universal SOLD!

    SOLD! ALBUM: Bought these from a member who was the original owner and he bought them in August. They are basically new, selling it as I purchased another IEM around the same price range, and need to downsize. Comes with all accessories, packaging, and receipt...
  7. Cinder

    Lark Studios Review , Impression, Discussions, and Thread

    Lark Studios is a new Brand from China aimed at the luxury TOTL IEM. Their debut IEM is the upcoming Lark Studios X, or LSX for short. They are also releasing a CIEM dubbed the LSXC. Here is their mission statement/about section: "The lark is a well-known bird to the music industry. As it flies...
  8. ceeloChamp

    High End Universal IEMs -- Tell Me Your Favorites

    Hello Everyone, CIEMs are amazing, they look cool, they sound amazing, and they fit like socks on a chicken, but they are a huge pain to order. Now-a-days they are about the same price as their UIEM counterparts, so if you don't have a pair...get you one. However, I don't think I'm alone...
  9. Rish732

    NO LONGER FS: Campfire Vega - brand new

    Hey folks I have a pair of Vegas to sell! I apologies but I'm not looking for trades at this time. They're amazing but I'm going to upgrade to custom for long term comfort for video and audio editing. These are brand new - put less than 5 hours on them. All accessories and boxes and...
  10. Smousesme

    BIG PRICE DROP: Unique Melody Maverick

    Hi, for sale I've got my old go to iems. They're 1 and a half years old. Got about 500 hours use. There's a crack on the right earpiece (unoticeable). See the pics, I've tried to capture the crack. All accessories included, with a pair of M spin fit eartips. Shipping (up to £20) is on me...