totl dap
  1. awayeah

    SOLD iBasso DX220 AMP1MKII

    For sale TOTL DAP from iBasso in very good condition - there's screen protector both on front and back of the device. Everything works just fine, no degradation in battery. Bought from official EU iBasso distributer in February 2019 (proof of purchase). Full set, with spare screen protectors...
  2. Kenneth Galang

    DAC/DAP Recommendation?

    Planning to make one purchase for 2020 that'll last me years :) currently using the M11 with an Anole VX, want a source upgrade Lately, I've been easily swayed by DAP's DAC chips and price-to-performance. Although I know the chip isn't everything in a dap, I keep staring at the double AK4499...
  3. KPzypher


    For sale is LPGT in excellent/mint condition! First owner (purchased 30 SEP 19 from Musicteck). All original accessories included. $1900 price includes shipping and fees. Ship to CONUS only. Price firm. Fantastic TOTL DAP. Simply selling to fund car modding. Feel free to send PM for any...