1. Blnd2Spll

    Thunderpants Impedance (for Bottlehead Crack)

    Hey Everyone,   I am thinking about buying the Thunderpants TP1 headphone kit.  Does anyone know the impedance of these cans?  The original Fostex T50RP has an impedance of 50 ohms, but I assume the mods alter this reading.  I currently have the Bottlehead Crack OTL as my headphone amp...
  2. sdcii00

    Should I get a portable amp or DAC, if so, which one?

    Hey guys.  I just recently purchased a pair of NAD HP50s, which is my first pair of "real" headphones.  I am not an audiofile but I do recognize good sound quality as I am a musician.  The primary use I am using my headphones for are movies that I am watching from my computer that I have hooked...
  3. starjung

    No diffence in sound quality with amp

    Hi there,   Just received my Topping D1 mark II. Connected to laptop via USB and then plugged in my Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs. But I can't notice a difference! The on-board card isn't good, so there should at least be a small difference. But well, nothing. Or is it just my ears?
  4. yugas

    Topping D1 Mark 2 review!

    Hi everyone, I have just uploded a new review on my spanish audio blog!     This is the Topping D1 Mark 2 review, amazing performance for the price and works with my SGS S3 too!   Please check it!   Follow us on...
  5. lukethomas

    Start up DAC/AMP for a college student

    Ok so I have grado sr80i, v-moda crossfades, as well as superlux hd668b and I am looking for a dac/amp that can just sit on my desk so portability is not an issue. I have a macbook and I am still not quite sure how all of the connections work. I listen to alternative, folk, and rock music...
  6. rudi0504

    Topping D1 Mark 2 USB DAC & Headphone Amplifier (Black w/ Silver frame)

    Hi all head fier friend I want to share the latest Topping D 1 mk 2 dac amp Look more sleek than previous model Topping D 1 as desktop dac amp , now Topping D 1 mk2 is more for portable use. Cost only $ 89,50 Usd Please read below : A high performance portable USB DAC...
  7. dooodstevenn

    Frustrated with Fiio

    Had an e7, battery did not charge.  returned e10.  Feedback/buzzing noises issues.    I'm going to be returning the e10 back to amazon, when my new DAC comes in but i have yet to decide that, so any recommendations around the 100 dollar area? I just need something to plug into my laptop and...
  8. bearcatsandor

    Topping VX1 and crackling with USB input on windows and linux

    Folks,   I have a topping VX1 and i get cracking when i connect my gentoo linux box to it via the usb output. I've been messing about with sample rates, sample sizes, periods etc.  I'm just using pulseaudio and have taken Jack-Audio-Connection-Kit out of the path.   So, today after messing...
  9. jebagu

    Cirrus Logic Flagship DAC evaluation (CS4398)

    This post is just to tell folks a little about the CS4398 DAC.  I used to work at an audio chip maker called Cirrus Logic.  I picked up one of their engineering boards for their flagship DAC, the CS4398.  Usually anyone can purchase evaluation boards for any chip.  They're cool because you can...
  10. LemanRuss9

    ALO audio New amp+DAC : "The International"

    Just found out that ALO will release their new amp+DAC.its called the international.No info is provided yet.   Courtesy of MunKong Gadget     New arrival!! The first dac-amp from ALO. It's called "The International" (Not "National") I wonder why Ken name it so similar to each other...
  11. OmarSy

    What should I purchase?

    I recently purchased a pair of sennheiser momentum's and I was wondering what type of DAC/AMP I should purchase. Any recommendations will be appreciated. And I plan to use the dac on my laptop so a portable one isn't necessary.
  12. Topping TP-D1 MKII MK2 USB Sound Audio Card CS4398 USB Decoder External For PC Laptop - Black

    Topping TP-D1 MKII MK2 USB Sound Audio Card CS4398 USB Decoder External For PC Laptop - Black

    D1-MARK2 is a multi-function USB decoder (USB external sound card), it sets USB decoder, USB amp and USB to coaxial in oneThe internal adopts industry leading chips and sound fidelity HIFI devices, to provide your PC and digital players with perfect sound quality.Ultra-slim design with the best...