1. echoleaf

    How do you know which eartip size is right?

    The stock silicone tips that came with the Panasonic RZ-S500W are throwing me for a bit of a loop. The mediums get uncomfortable & achy after 15 minutes or so. The smalls are much better but they fall out after a bit. I want to get aftermarket tips - would I get medium or small?
  2. N

    Anyone have any flimsy Earphone CABLE care tips?

    I like to use these inexpensive Hi-res earphones as EDC, e.g. Mi Pro HD, Pioneer Hi-Res Audio SE-CH3T, Phillips 6305, and similar. Though they have really good audio, they have the worst build quality! Especially the rubber coating on the cables always splits. Its like they WANT them to break...
  3. Dekoni Bulletz for AirPods Pro

    Dekoni Bulletz for AirPods Pro Using the same memory foam from it’s predecessors, the Bulletz for Airpods Pro by Dekoni improve on the comfort and isolation of standard foam tips, while maintaining the ease of cleaning...
  4. gedneyj

    Help Please! Need tip size for HolyHigh BE1018

    I purchased the HolyHigh BE1018 for my wife, and she lost one of the tips. I tried to fit a tip from a different brand, but the nozzle size was off. Does anyone know the size or replacement tips for these IEMs? If not, is there a "universal tip" or a way to measure the nozzle correctly...
  5. BuyagaDodzyo

    This one in need of help! DIY

    Good day dear sir/madam! I barely hope You to help me obtain any theoretical “How to” information about headphones DIY and hints to constructing it in general. Any useful links will be appreciated. In a first step to build my own headphones I've tried to find this kind of information, but...
  6. Yh173088

    Focal clear pad replacement alternatives and cleaning advice

    Hi I recently bought a used pair of focal clear and it’s in really good condition but the pads were slightly discolored . So aside from the official focal pads , are there any cheaper alternatives ? I was also thinking about washing them with water but was afraid it might affect the foam and...
  7. makethemusic

    Official Comply™ Discussion Thread

    Founded in 1990 by Robert Oliveira, Ph.D. (Dr. Bob), Comply™ manufactures premium memory foam earphone tips from our facility in Oakdale, Minnesota. Our mission? To Protect Hearing & Transform How The World Listens Offering superior sound isolation, in-ear retention and soft comfort, Comply™...
  8. audiohobbit

    Smyth Research Realiser A16 - Issues, Questions, Feature Requests, Tips and Tricks

    As I already said I wanted to start this thread to collect all the issues we encounter, questions that arise, and features that are missing, in a relatively compact form. So that maybe one person could sent this to Smyths on a regular basis, to prevent that every user (at least every headfier)...
  9. Notanaudiophile85

    Tips for Magaosi MGS-BK50?

    I recently acquired Magaosi MGS-BK50 IEMs. It the first pair of IEMs I’ve owned. I’m surprised how much I like the sound. I find the tips that came with the the BK50s uncomfortable. I’d prefer a softer silicone tip and I’m interested in trying foam tips. Can someone tell me what tips fit the...
  10. matej

    Comply tips for Jaybird Tarah Pro's?

    Hi I've recently bought a pair of the Jaybird Tarah Pro's for use around the gym and when running. I find the supplied tips to be rather shallow and don't provide enough of a seal in my ears so I'm looking to replace them with something that will allow the bass to be more pronounced. I'm happy...
  11. forsakencowboy

    DIY siliconized foam tips?

    I want good isolation to appreciate my Xelentos to the fullest. I have been browsing the web for days in search of tips with the perfect compromise between durability, fit, isolation and comfort. Mission impossible! I love the comfort, fit and isolation of my Comply tips, but they require TLC...
  12. usagishi

    Is Spinfit worthwhile for my FAD FI-BA-SS?

    Hi all, I am quite new both to this forum and as an audiophile. I just got my hands on a pair of FAD FI-BA-SS. Knowing that tips generally make a big difference on sound quality if not the sound character of the iems, I would like to know if it's worth it to replace the stock tips with Spinfit...
  13. William Song

    Earphone Painting Help/Advice Thread

    I picked up a pair of Vsonic gr07s and I absolutely love the sound of them. Instead of buying the fixed cable version, I bought the detachable cable version, but it only comes in black. Does anyone have any experience with painting earphones? I'm only looking to spice it up with a single block...
  14. nhftk4320

    Where can I find foam tips for KZ ZS6

    I have the Shure SE425 which have great sound and isolation and I recently bought the KZ ZS6 for cheap-travel use. These don't have nearly as much isolation as the Shures obviously, but one of the reasons is the silicon tips. I was wondering, where could I be foam tips for me KZ ZS6?
  15. SMRDcompany

    Best triple flange or double flange tips?

    Hey guys, looking for some replacement tips for my IEMs, I've found that the RHA double flange (large) do the job alright but I'm wondering if you've found a better option. I'm using a set of Musicmaker TK12 (chinese hybrids, pretty cool I suppose) which have a rather harsh and sibilant high...
  16. Drew Neilson

    Headset tips for listening while exercising and doing other things

    I use Sony Sports Headphone model # MDR-AS800AP (; and would like help choosing tips. I've had the Comply Sport Pro 200 (SX-200) tips for a month or so...
  17. Thomasl

    Silicone ear tips with 'sweatguard'?

    Actually I'm looking to use sweat guards to reduce some tremble. However, for silicone ear tips I've never found a type like this --- sweat guards seem only 'belong to' foam ear tips. Is there a hybrid type, with advantages from both silicone and foam ear tips?
  18. HT98

    Help for XDP-100R

    Hi all out there. I have write this post in another section, too. I think a new thread is better for this. Hope that anybody can help me in that way. I have made a big mistake. I wanted to change three files, in the etc Folder. It was these: mixer_paths.xml, mixer_paths_high_model.xml and...
  19. Esh911

    LZA4 ear tip suggestions

    So they came with the silicone sleeves and they don't seem to create a great seal, I have to slightly move them in and out in order to get the correct seal. I'm on the largest iteration of these silicone tips. The foam tips that came with these do not seem to fit my ear canal fully. Looking...
  20. J

    Comfortable IEM tips for side sleeper?

    Hello everyone, It's my first post here. I'm sure you guys know million times more about this stuff than I do and so maybe would be able to recommend some comfortable tips for my MEE M6 Pro earphones that I like to wear when going to sleep. The thing is that due to my back problems I need to...
  21. Craigerz

    Sennheiser IE80's Impressions Thread

    Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about these?    They are supposed to be replacing the IE8's...    
  22. DjAmTraX

    Sony MDR-EX800st and MDR-7550 vs. MDR-EX1000?

    Anyone know what is the difference? Is the 800st older?