1. ostuni

    For EQ on my PC, I tried Dolby Atmos...DTS...RazerTHX...FXSound.......any other recommendations I should try?

    Dolby Atmos & DTS - it sounds good with spatial surround features, and built into windows 11. RazerTHX - it sounds good with additional spatial surround features, separate app. FXSound - lacks spatial surround settings but free.
  2. G

    Amp for B&W 685 and THX 789

    Hello, I have a Drop THX AAA 789 paired with my Sundara headphones and an external Topping E30 DAC. I really like this setup. I was given a pair of B&W 685 speakers that are about 10 years old, maybe more. I was wondering how I should integrate these speakers with my setup while keeping the...
  3. SMSL SH-9

    SMSL SH-9

    The THX AAA-888 Offers Extreme Clarity The THX AAA lineup of amps are known for their power and clarity. Unlike many amplifiers, THX AAA amps use a feed-forward error correction topology that removes common distortion issues. To put it simply, the amp measures errors in an early part of the...
  4. FlpDaMattress

    Drop THX Panda's rendered lifeless on the first day || Any advice?

    Just as the title says, After 9 months of waiting, my Drop THX Panda's finally arrived at my doorstep. I unboxed them, used them for a few hours and they sound beautiful. Easily the best set in my small growing collection. But eventually they just without warning died about 5 hours after I took...
  5. gatorjon

    Mono 788 to Su-8/sp200. Upgrade or crossgrade?

    I have the 788 and am still within the return window. After some research I found the SU-8+SP200 combo as a possible better option. My daily headphones are Hifiman Ananda, HD600, and Grado 325e. I do not use any of the features of the 788 and everything is running balanced xlr except the Grados...
  6. amekan47

    Drop + THX Panda headphones Listening Day

    Happy new (y)ears everyone! For years, the Audiophile community has wanted an audiophile quality set of cans with wireless capabilities, but these have historically been mutually exclusive qualities. In 2020, Drop is changing that. We are happy to announce the official launch of the Drop +...
  7. SMSL SP200

    SMSL SP200

    The SP200 is SMSL's newest balanced headphone amplifier employing THX's AAA technology.
  8. FiiO

    FiiO AM3D-FiiO Releases the THX AAA Powered Headphone Amplifier Module AM3D

    An introduction to the new THX AAA powered headphone amplifier module AM3D for FiiO X7/X7MKII/Q5 and the new Q5s.
  9. D

    Newbie: DAC/Amp Recommendations

    New lurker here, just getting into this word! I've always loved music (mostly metal), now I'm just slightly less poor so I can enjoy it even more with a little bit of gear. Quick question for the folks who've been in this world for a while and may have a rudder adjustment for my research. What's...
  10. Thenewbie76

    Is the JDS labs atom end game amp?

    I am looking to buying a new dac/amp that is versatile and can work with any headphones .I was looking at the THX AAA linear AMP on massdrop but I have not gotten any balanced cable as of right now. So I'm looking at the new labs atom. Is it powerful enough? The most it can push is 125mw...