1. project86

    Mini-Review: digiZoid ZO "portable subwoofer"

        In the world of audio enthusiasts, there are many options and choices to be made. Some can almost be seen as polarizing, such as tube sound versus solid state or analog versus digital. Of course, any reasonable person will see these as options to explore rather than a cause to become...
  2. WillHughes

    Digizoid Zo

    So there doesn't seem to be a thread on the "Digizoid Zo" (   It's a pretty cheap device and the reviews I have seen don't seem to put the Zo into use with high-end headphones...   Has anyone had any experience with the product? I was planning on picking...
  3. The zo Personal Subwoofer

    The zo Personal Subwoofer

    Unleash the true performance held captive by your audio system and discover the power of sound. The zo is the world's first "speakerless subwoofer" and electronic audio enhancement device offering an affordable and versatile alternative for improving sound reproduction from any audio system...