1. bzxfire40

    FS: Fostex TH-900

    Hello, I'm selling my Fostex TH-900 MK1 which are in very good condition. There is some light wear on the earpads and a scratch on top of the headphone stand. Will come with original box, manuals, original Fostex headphone stand, pouch and of course the headphones. Asking $700 (buyer pays for...
  2. Svstem

    SOLD: Fostex TH-X00 w/TH-900 driver and Detachable Cable (Price drop)

    This TH-X00 contains the 1.5T drivers from the TH-900. Considering that the baffle is identical to the TH-900, this is basically a TH-900 with X00 pads and cups, complete with an SMC detachable cable mod (which was performed with no modification of the earcups/housing). Essentially, you have the...
  3. Zojokkeli

    Fostex TH900 - SOLD

    Selling off my mint condition Fostex TH900s. There are no signs of use and they are in perfect working condition. Earpads have been replaced with original Fostex earpads. They come with everything included in the original purchase, boxes, papers, headphone stand, etc. I'm the original owner...
  4. Kiba No Ou

    [Sale] Fostex TH900mk2

    Hi All, I want to sell a basically brand new Fostex TH900 bought in August 2019 on a whim while I was waiting for my other cans to be repaired. I've used it a couple of times and then keep them in their original box, with the stand and all the package, still under warranty both from Fostex and...
  5. Max_Settings

    Fostex TH-900 Cups Only for Sale

    This listing is for a pair of the red Fostex TH-900 cups only. These cups were removed by someone who did the Lawton mod. In fact the cups actually have Lawton foam installed in them, but it can be easily removed if you want. This is for a pair of the wood cups that can be fitted on any...
  6. [No title]

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  7. TH-900


  8. lfsszd

    [Sold]Fostex TH900 mki (preferred version!)

    I bought my Fostex TH900 mki one year ago new. Some little signs of use on the frame but the cup remains beautiful. Only use it when I am traveling, but recently I bought a Sony WH-1000X M3 and used it more than my Fostex because it's noise canceling, so I decided to let it go (also because I...
  9. panseraph

    [Closed] Fostex TH900 MKI

    Hi everyone, I have a TH900 MKI in good condition. It comes with all accessories and packaging. Selling for $old with PayPal fee covered. I can share half of the shipping with the buyer. NYC local pickup and paying with cash receives a $50 discount. Below are the pictures. The only scratch is...
  10. P-Nation

    Fostex TH900MK2 DAC/Amp Suggestions

    Hey all, Finally traded my LCD-Xs for am Emerald Green TH900MK2 set. It's got the low-end and treble I've been craving. However, my Audinst HUD-MX1 is seemingly too sterile and shallow for the cans. I'm looking to upgrade. I'm okay with any combo dac/amp units, but open to separate DAC/amps...
  11. elton7033

    [SOLD] Fostex TH900 Brand New In BOX

    (Sold)Never use, never open Fostex TH900 brand new in box, it is a present from Jaben Headphone store to me back in 2014. warranty card not fill in as well. will only open if buyer request me to. Selling it because I dont have enough space for my ever increasing headphone collection. and i just...
  12. Tomotan

    FS: Fostex Th900 MK1 in Excellent Condition

    Because of graduation, as much as my unwillingness, I am selling away my favorite Headphone, the original Fostex TH900. I am the first owner and I have the registration info. Come with WARRANTY INFO & STAND ONLY. Besides showing some use signs on the right ear pad, else remains in excellent...
  13. XonarPredator

    DAC and AMP recommendations for TH900 Mk II

    First of all, since this is my first post here, i'd like to say hello to everyone, i hope you guys are having a great day\evening by the time you're reading this , i'll try to get to the point without turning this into a wall of text, hehe. Although some people might have already asked or...
  14. tetsuomastermai

    [SOLD] Fostex TH900 mk1

    Selling my Fostex TH-900 in Excellent condition. 2.5 TRRS terminaison (Astell & Kern compatible) + Norne 1/4" adaptor (6.3mm, gold, red carbon). Genuine Fostex replacement pads have been installed this summer. 700€ + Shipping (No offers for trades please. Paypal preferred.) SOLD
  15. HesterDW

    FS: Original Fostex TH-900 Ear Pads

    Hi all, for sale I have a pair of original Fostex TH-900 ear pads. They are in excellent condition and come from a non-smoking home. -Price includes shipping and PP fees -Shipping to US48 only, USPS -Item will be shipped within 2 business days
  16. PACSman

    Fostex TH-909 review

    I just purchased and received the TH-909. This is not intended as a critical or extensive review. I think of it as a preview of an item you might want to consider listening to. No incentives were received for my purchase or for writing this opinion. Early impressions: · I plugged the...
  17. BuddhaBruce

    [H] LNIB Fostex TH900 Emerald Green, NIB Focal Utopia

    I have some unexpected expenses I must cover so I am putting up the more expensive headphones I own. The TH900 is in excellent condition and the Focal Utopia is new in box. I am local to NYC/NJ and willing to meet up. I MAY sell my andromedas soon so be on the look out. ___ Fostex TH900...
  18. biggbenn74

    SOLD: Fostex TH900 Mk.ii *NEW CONDITION*

    Just got these in, and they just aren't for me. Box is missing, but other than that, they have maybe 15 minutes of play time on them. Comes with cable (still has plastic on it!) and carrying pouch. I have them listed for $1,000 on ebay, but I'll sell them to someone of this wonderful community...
  19. BuddhaBruce

    [WTB] Fostex TH900 (mk1,mk2,green,blue)

    Looking for a pair of TH900. PM me with offers! Thanks!
  20. BuddhaBruce

    delete please

    Title. PM with offers! Thank you
  21. Eudis

    FS/FT: Klipsch heritage HP-3 Oak

    Had both oak and ebony. Traded the ebony so now I have the oak. In great condition apart from one of the asthetic screw on the metal ring. It fell off randomly (which is odd but it seems that which ever tech Klipsch had screw these the screw in used too much torque and weakened the head and it...
  22. Violent_Sneeze

    *SOLD* Fostex TH900 MKI - $525

    Selling my good condition Fostex TH900 MKI headphones as I am moving and raising some $. Headphones work flawlessly and sound phenomenal. Bought from Amazon in February of 2017 and well taken care of in a smoke and pet-free home. Note that this is not the version with the detachable cable. Some...
  23. bzxfire40

    SOLD Fostex TH900 mk2 with extras

    Regretfully selling my Fostex th900 mk2. Spring cleaning and time to consolidate gear. Looking for $1000 (shipping, fees and insurance included). Comes with: -Th900 mk2 -Original Fostex 1/4" cable -Fostex Balanced 4pin XLR cable -Neutrik Balanced 4pin XLR cable -Newfantasia 3.5mm cable -Sakura...
  24. kingdixon

    CLOSED WTB th900 mk2 mint

    Around 950$ paypal'd and shipped to saudi arabia.