1. richoval

    Swiss Head-Fi'ers

    Hi guys, I'm looking for people living in Switzerland who are interested in a meet up to be able to check out each others gear. I for example am looking for audio 64 or empire ears iems. These are usually very expensive and there is no shop around here to test them. I'd love to try them out...
  2. Audman71

    What music do you use for testing headphones?

    Not sure where to put this thread exactly, but... There comes a time after doing something like EQing or other processing of my headphones where I use a song to test the quality of that processing. Out of curiosity, does anyone else have a set of songs or go-to songs they use for this kind of...
  3. viperman69

    Anyone willing to do some testing for me ?

    Hi everyone, I have a small amp that I put together. Couple different versions that I am planning on selling. I would like to post some really detailed specs about it but I do not have the necessary testing equipment. Would anyone with the right equipment be willing to do some testing and...