1. ZenErik

    Best DACs with asynchronous 24/192 or higher USB and volume control? W4S DAC2? Up to $2000.

    I am looking to upgrade from my Musical Fidelity M1 DAC A but have not found many options yet.   Quality USB implementation must be a priority on my DAC of choice. I know that there are plenty of expensive DACs out there with poor USB support and still only 16/44.   Volume control is...
  2. PatOMalley

    Chameleon DAC listening and modifications

    I received this DAC a few weeks ago and am posting to share some early experiences with it. Mine is a pre commercial production model but is a fair shot at what i think the commercial model will sound like. This next generation of the 8x NOS DAC this time using 16 DACs, an input Pulse...
  3. Teradak Chameleon DAC

    Teradak Chameleon DAC