1. biggbenn74

    Should I Get The Brainwavz HM5 Or The Technical Pro HPT990?

    So, I have been thinking about getting 1 or 2 headphones. (the ones mentioned in the description.) I listen to dubstep, dance, classical, jazz and acoustic. Anyone have any thoughts on either?
  2. wizeman

    Are the ath ad700s any good? Please help.

    Just to let everyone know from the start, I'm a complete headphone noob who just needs something to play games and listen to music. I've looked into this particular phone, and am starting to warm up to it. I can get it from amazon warehouse deals, like new, for 70 big ones, instead of the 90...
  3. biggbenn74

    Looking At The Beyerdynamic DT770. Which Is Best?

    Hello again, Head-Fi. My question today is: Which one of the DT770's is best suited for my music tastes? I use my iPod a lot and my FiiO E11. I also run a soundboard once a week. But, tey will be used mainly for iPod music. I listen to dubstep, jazz, dance and classical, in that order from...
  4. GMcDougal

    Budget closed headphones for gaming...Help me pick what ive narrowed it down to.

    Technical Pro HPT990 (I realize these are semi-open but ive read they are similar to closed headphones as far as sound leakage goes)   ATH-T400 (Im having a very hardtime finding any information on these for gaming, If anyone can help, please do!)\   JVC Harx700   Im leaning towards...
  5. pcnoob101

    Where to get Takstar hi2050 in the US

    I ordered a pair of Takstar hi2050 from aliexpress on June 29th and they still haven't arrived.  I have accepted that they are not coming at this point.  I will not be ordering internationally again, but I'd really like a pair of these headphones.  Does anyone know of a place in the US I can...
  6. Charlie Sheen

    Stuck between Sennheiser HD 518 or 598

    Hey guys, as the title says, i cant decide which one to get. I will be using them with a X-FI Titanium HD for FPS games and metal/rock music on the computer. I have 270 dollars to spend, so money is not a problem, but i don't want to waste money on the HD598 if the 518 sounds just as good and...
  7. DashBerlin

    Which headphones should I get for pc gaming?

    I am looking to get new headphones for gaming on my pc as well as listening to music on the pc with it. I am trying to choose between the beyerdynamic dt700's pro(80 or 250's??) ultrasone pro 550's or hfi 580's, or the sennheiser pc 360's. I don't really have the extra money to buy an amp. What...
  8. Technical Pro HPT990 Professional Headphone

    Technical Pro HPT990 Professional Headphone

    Adjustable headband and cushioned ear pads folr maximum comfort Compact folding design 7 ft cable Super Bass Drivers Connector: 1/8'' Professional 1/4? adapter included Sensitivity: 92dB +/-3dB Frequency Response: 15Hz-25kHz Titanium Finish Includes Professional Carrying Case