1. NDonchev

    TEAC HA-501 Silver

    I'm selling my TEAC HA-501 Silver (220V) headphone amplifier. It's in original packaging as it came from the store and I'm the first owner. The outer box has a hole in it on the side where the power cable is. The unit itself is in perfect condition as you can see from the pictures. I'm selling...
  2. Accel137

    Sold[FS]Teac HA-501

    Selling my ha501 with the original box and cra cables, in excellent condition. It is a good amp to drive low impedance headphones. Price includes paypal fees, and also will include shipping fees if you are near MA. Also selling my ad2000x, 340 including paypal fees.
  3. AnakChan

    New Teac HA-P50-B Portable DAC Amp

    Teac has released a portable DAC Amp HA-P50-B which hasn't appeared on their website (I lied, it has but I just didn't see it) but on Fujiya's catalogue instead.     It seems to be using a Burr Brown PCM5102 DAC (max 24/96). The OpAmps are OPA1652 and there's sufficient grunt to drive up...
  4. breizh

    TEAC HA-501 headphone amp

    Hi guys,   I'm looking for a nice headphone amp under 1k$ I have identified the Soloist SL, the Violectric 200, and the recent TEAC HA-501 for which i don't find yet many reviews   That's why I'm looking for Headfiers feedback about this amp, which presents (on the paper) nice...
  5. JWahl

    TEAC HA-501 Headphone Amp

    I've recently noticed this new headphone amplifier from TEAC that seems to have been on sale in NA for a few months but haven't seen a thread for it on here yet so I figured I'd start one. Here is the manufacturers link for technical details: http://audio.teac.com/product/ha-501/ From what I...
  6. Teac HA-501-B Dual Monaural Headphone Amplifier

    Teac HA-501-B Dual Monaural Headphone Amplifier

    Please introduce yourself to TEAC's HA-501, a fully analog, dual monaural headphone amplifier with elegance. Part of the 501 series, this Class-A amplifier delivers superior sound quality, a sleek, modern design, all encased in a rugged but compact design. The HA-501 supplies regular headphone...