1. dewy22

    FS: Hyla TE5B IEM [Sold]

    For sale is the Hyla TE5B. I’m the 2nd owner and I used it for about a week. Planning to sell it to fund a ciem. It’s in excellent condition. Comes with all original accessories. Asking $old, add 3% for PayPal fee. Free shipping for CONUS only.
  2. vaguely

    Hyla Te-5b f/s by only owner SOLD

    Hi all, i've gotten some great advice on these forums and it seems I've gotten to the point where I have to sell my Hyla's Ideally want 1100usd but may take offers and accept iem trades to take up to 400 off I'll be out with my son for the next few hours but can provide pictures soon, they've...
  3. Hyla Audio TE-5B

    Hyla Audio TE-5B

    HYLA original Trident Engine (TE) inside. 20Hz-45kHz wide frequency response. High grade hand made silver plated PCOCC cable. Original nylon soft case Collaborated with Vannuys Japan.