1. hewhogamez

    Looking for a new pair of iems

    So I am looking for a pair of in ear phones. I recently lost my Klipsch S4i and would like to buy a replacement. I would like to see what other headphones can compete with the S4. I am looking for around the $50 range that can match or exceed the bass output or the soundstage that the S4 offers...
  2. headfoneguy

    TDK EB-750 IEM

    I bought the tdk eb-750 IEM;   as a oh *** I forgot my headphones purchase at an airport for only $40 I think they are quite impressive   Crisp mids average bass a bit too much treble     but overall a bargain anyone else have these ?   Just wanted to share thoughts see...
  3. nick n

    Surprise TDK EB-750: $6.99 of BETTER AWESOME...w/Special guest TDK IE-500 Ceramic Housing (to follow)

    Hello fellow TDK T-300 fans, and also those who were on the fence with the MT-300. Yeah there's always a few of those folks also.    As many who had the opportunity to hear them and be a part of the "cheapos surprise tour" were so impressed with the bang for beyond buck TDK MT-300, we...
  4. TDK EB750 Headphones

    TDK EB750 Headphones

    TDK EB 750 Headphones The EB-750's are an all Aluminium housed earphone with rich sound production offering you the best direct-to-ear acoustics with some mega bass-boost for that little something extra. Comfortable noise reducing silicone sleeves in three sizes to suit everyone. Aluminium...