1. linuxworks

    the Pimeta-V2 thread

    since 'the other forum' seems still to be down, lets talk about the pimeta-v2 here. I just built my prototype last nite. some pics: I opted to go with a 'mostly SMD' build ... all the fun stuff is underneath one thing that I wasn't 100% sure of and needed to check the spec...
  2. NotJimCarrey

    PIMETA v2 IC2 short

    I got to the step in the build where you test the voltages before you put in the DIP8s. The problem is, IC2 , the “rail splitter”, started sparking a little. Do you think it's salvagable at all? Or is there different chip I could use, since I'm out of TLE2426, and it'd be another week before I...
  3. hmohammed43

    PIMETA v2 or CmoyBB as first project?

    Hi everyone!   I have a quick question, I'm planning my first DIY audio project (building a pocket amp) and I was wondering if my first project should be a PIMETA or a Cmoy (with bass boost). I like the PIMETA because it has a built in part on the PCB for a trickle charger, but the Cmoy...
  4. wdahm519

    PIMETA v2 Class A Biasing questions with LED1 and LED2

    So I'm building a PIMETA v2.  The parts are on their way right now and I'm getting ready to do the build.  One of the last things I have to work out in my head is this:   1.) If I use both LED1 and LED2, will I still be able to do class A biasing?     EDIT: Found the answer myself:  ...
  5. Sublike

    Linear regulator for Pimeta V2

    Hi,   First of all this is my first post in Head-fi forums and I am newbie with DIY audio electronics.   I am starting my first project, which is Pimeta v2 and I am going to add BantamDAC and linear regulator into same enclousure. I've read tons of threads and articles spending tens of...
  6. GoldiLocks

    PPA v2 or PIMETA for HD 600/650s?

    After some looking around Head-fi I haven't found the answer to my question, so I'll post it here. Its time to for a full system upgrade and I'm having some doubts. I want to either get the Sennheiser HD 600s or the 650s. I've been a bit on the fence as to which because I've heard about how...
  7. sygyzy

    Disadvantages of using optical out from PC to DAC + Amp?

    Hi,   I normally only listen using headphones at work where I am running a USB DAC (Music Streamer II) connected to a PPA. At home, I just use cheap 2.0 speakers with a line out from my motherboard. I noticed my motherboard also has optical out and possibly digital coax out as well. I have a...
  8. wdahm519

    Tangent PIMETA v2

    A portable headphone amplifier designed by Tangent here on Head-Fi. It’s a PPA-Inspired META42 successor: a portable headphone amplifier packing a lot of hi-fi punch. This is the second generation of this design.