1. Mitchell Lee

    Help with my Taket h2 headphones

    I recently bought a pair of second hand Taket h2 version 3 headphones ALONG with the dedicated Trafomatic T2 amp. Anyways I plug them in and they sound.... HORRID! Specifically they have very little bass and no subass. Sounds are anemic and have no substance which contrasts with all the reviews...
  2. yellowcun

    [WTB]Taket H2+ and TR2

    Location: UK / EU
  3. S

    TAKET H2+(both thin and thick pads included) $1250 (sold)

    TAKET H2+ maybe one of the best  headphones of the world? I can tell. I just got this headphone months ago, and this cost me almost 2200 NZ dollars. H2(thick pads)+ and a pair of thin pad. JPY 157000 total cost. I try my best to drive this headphone without its TR2. But I still cannot...
  4. S

    Problem in running the TAKET H2+

    Hi guys, I just got my TAKET H2+ and I tried to use HIFIMAN HE-adapter to connect this phone with my Teac speaker amp(60 watt per channel) But I found it still cannot run it loud enough. I just wondering are there some output restrictions from HE-adapter or just the amp not powerful enough? 
  5. fulltruth

    SOLD: TakeT H2 Deep Discount!

    For sale is one lightly used pair of TakeT H2 headphones and TR2 transformer, both in excellent condition.  These headphones created quite a buzz on the forums several years ago.  They are very unique in design in that their mechanism is piezoelectric.  The bass performance is truly astounding...
  6. Dr. Strangelove

    TakeT H2 Amplification

    I've read almost everything I can get my hands on regarding this subject... however I still have a few questions directed at the parties who may have some relevant and authoritative information on the subject:   -I've read that directly driving them via a dedicated amp is a superior option...
  7. jtwn

    Taket H2+

    Hi all...long time since I've been here, head-fi clawing me back again!!   So, my Taket H2 seemed to have developed a fault on the left channel, a long time ago. Think I might have overdriven it. So anyway whilst I'll get it fixed I noticed that there is a new H2...one with a + on the end...
  8. MuppetFace

    MuppetFace's TakeT H2+ Thread

    Alright.   Having thought about it for some time, and having contacted Takei about it, I've decided to take the plunge and order up a TakeT H2+ and its accompanying TR2 box. This thread is meant to document my journey with this rather esoteric giant among world class headphones. I think it's...
  9. daytona600

    Taket H2+

    Know a lot of you guys rate these hiend phones recieved mine couple of weeks ago with TR2 transformer driven by 300b 9wpc SET monoblocks now fully run in & ready to shine Its true what the say, the  best headphones i.ve heard in 30years at any price outstanding with vinyl cd flacs and...
  10. Angaria

    WTB: TakeT H2+ and transformer

    Looking for a pair of these in good condition.  Perfect feedback on the 'gon, same username.
  11. HiFiGuy528

    Summit-Fi headphones?

    Aside from Stax, HD800, T1, & Audeze LCDx what else are on the market if you own those already?
  12. wakeride74

    Thinking of selling my LCD-2... what's next?

    I've been using the LCD-2 rev2 with a Lyr (Lorenz tubes) and bifrost (recent) for about a year as my only real headphones. I've owned the HD800's in the past and really enjoyed them for the level of detail, soundstage, and space. I've kept the LCD-2 so long because they have great emotion...
  13. mteinum

    Trafomatic Audio - TakeT H2+ amplifier

      https://www.facebook.com/TrafomaticAudio/posts/668030693221007   Not much details yet.
  14. fastphones

    Taket H2

    Anyone still using these? I plan to build a couple of different Tube energisers (or should that be amplifiers?) for the H2, any user experience re the type of amps that work for you would be welcome, nothing technical just your observations.
  15. Duggeh

    The Worlds Best Headphone? The TakeT H2 Review (Lots Of Pictures)

    There are two kinds of scientific progress: the methodical experimentation and categorization which gradually extend the boundaries of knowledge, and the revolutionary leap of genius which redefines and transcends those boundaries. Acknowledging our debt to the former, we yearn nonetheless...
  16. Taket H2+

    Taket H2+

    The headphone was only an audio product to audit only by ear so far. However, I am thinking that the direction of which the sound came is informed through person's skin by the harmonic component that was included in the starting up element of the sound (It was thought that it is transmitted...