1. JaguarAudio

    We're Trying to Tell You... T+A is the Real Deal... Check Out the New DAC 200 YouTube Review.

    Jaguar Audio is an Authorized T+A Dealer. Out of the box, the T+A DAC 200 blew our prior reference (a $20K DAC and upscaling combo) out of the water and we were true believers. We have Black and Silver DAC 200s in stock and ready to ship now. 45-day Trial Period and Next-Day Shipping are...
  2. JaguarAudio

    T+A CanJam Special: All T+A Headphones - Ends Midnight on Tuesday!

    T+A has authorized a 10% Discount on the gear presented at the 2023 NYC CanJam. Sale ends on Tuesday (2/28) at Midnight (PDT). All T+A Headphones (Solitaire T, Solitaire P, Solitair P-SE), The HA 200 DAC & Headphone Amp Combo (for Headphone Purists), The DAC 200 DAC w/ 4.4mm Headphone Jack (for...
  3. JaguarAudio

    T+A CanJam Headphone & Component Special!

    T+A has authorized a 10% Discount on CanJam gear. All T+A Headphones (Solitaire T, Solitaire P, Solitair P-SE), The HA 200 DAC & Headphone Amp Combo, The DAC 200 DAC w/ 4.4mm Headphone Jack, The MP 200 Multi Player Music Streamer, CD Player, and Internet Radio Player. You can listen to all of...
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  14. T+A Solitaire T

    T+A Solitaire T

  15. A

    DAC <$10k buying advice, 3 choices

    I'm looking to upgrade from a Chord Qutest. I'd like to get a DAC with an integrated headphone amp this time, so most R2R options are off the cards, including the Holo May (which I would have otherwise considered). My main headphone is a 2022 Focal Utopia. I've narrowed it down to 3 choices...
  16. F

    T+A Solitaire T Wireless Headphone

    Greetings! I was wondering if anyone has pre-ordered the new T+A Solitaire T Wireless Headphones? I’m looking for a new wireless headphone to use with my tablet as I work (currently using Sennheiser Momentum 3 but planning on giving them to my daughter), so I’m prioritizing sound quality over...
  17. S

    T+A DAC8 DSD impression

    I just got the hyped T+A DAC8 DSD (second hand). My first impressions are not as good as I expected. So far I used it for a few hours with PCM only (redbook & hires). It is connected to source using USB and I use the BEZ2 + Wide settings. The sound seems to be very forward, with mids being too...