1. wmacky

    New Sony M10 High Rez DAP waiting at my front door!

    Just deboxed it, and I'm stoked!  This is what a real audio player should look like instead of some wimpy hipster cellphone.  Instead of facebook ability, you get nice real  solid feeling play /pause / stop buttons, and slick VU record / play bar meters. Yeah! Great High Rez 24bit/ 96khz play...
  2. cowsled

    Where to buy Hivi In Canada?

    Hello! Was wondering if anyone knew where to find some Hivi in Canada. I'm looking to get some M10s but the only places I found them at are all in the states and from what I've heard, custom fees are going to kill my wallet. Thanks! =D
  3. eg0

    Question for swan m10 owners.

    So I recently set up a pair of swan m10s and everything is fine and dandy but the stereo channels are reversed. I was just wondering if this is a common problem or did I just get unlucky? It struck me as kind of odd that the rca cables were coloured red and yellow though.
  4. Happy Hacking

    SoundCard/DAC/Amp for the Swans M10?

    I'm new to this 'mid-high' end audio stuff so kinda confused as to what I should be getting and what I should not, for my moneys worth.   Planning to get a pair of Hivi Swans M10 at $100, but I have a total budget of about $150-200. What should I do with the remaining <$100?  Get a...
  5. Swan M10

    Swan M10

    The M10 is three matching speakers housed in a sleek, contemporary, desktop package that's internally powered. For convenient hookup, plug the M10 into to any local active source, from portable digital music devices to PC entertainment and gaming systems.