1. oscar704

    Swan M10 Problems?

    Hi all, i recently purchased a pair of swan m10 as my first decent speaker, but when i put it on low volume, one speaker plays louder music then the other one, ive tried to switch the two speaker's output jack from the subwoofer, and this problem still exists. however, when i put the speaker...
  2. techboy

    Swan M50W 2.1 v/s Swan M10 2.1 v/s Audioengine A5 2.0 Review

    Setup: Asus STX sound card Audioengine A5 2.0 Powered Bookshelves on AE DS2 desktop recliners Swan M50W 2.1 multimedia speakers on Auralex mopads The positioning etc wasn't the same because I couldn't manage that. Anyway, I listened to one set at a time. Music only Sound Signature: Audioengine...
  3. Tha_Doggg

    Swan M10 vs Harman Kardon Soundsticks III vs Klipsch Promedia 2.1 vs Edifier S330D

    As the title suggests I am having a difficult time deciding between these speakers.   It seems the Harman Kardon set is the most expensive, looks really good, small form factor, and reviews suggest good sound. Klipsch set seems to be using inferior parts and quality is an issue. Supposedly...
  4. PTBKoo

    Getting amps (E7+E9) for IEM's (UE Tf.10) and desktop speakers (Swan M10)? Would this work?

    Hi! I just recently started to get into the Hi-fi world after purchasing my first real set of iems, the TF-10's. Once I got these IEM's I started to upgrade all my music to flac/m4a and now I am eager to start upgrading my almost non-existant audio equipment.   After doing some research I...
  5. joshjacobs

    Getting two sets of "Swan M10's"?

    http://www.theaudioinsider.com/product_info.php?products_id=89   I want these, but, I heard that there's not to much power. Since they're only 100 dollars, I was thinking, I could just get two of them!   Would that work? Would it be beneficial? Is it nice having two subwoofers?    If...
  6. patthebaker17

    altec lansing vs2421 to swan m10

    hey guys, so ive had my altec lansings for about a year now and i really want an upgrade in sound quality. So im looking to buy the swan m10's. but one thing that really throws me off is the bass. ive never been a guy that loves ground shaking bass. but i do like my bass to be heard. the bass on...
  7. goodsound

    Need quick decision - AKG K 44 v/s AT M10 v/s Senn HD201 v/s Koss UR29 or Portapro

    I am buying a digital piano bundle that comes with a headphone. The vendor is including a AKG K44. I am wondering if there are any others that I could consider instead of that headphone ? Other options are the Audio Technica ATH-M10, Senn HD201, Koss UR29 or Portapro. These will be primarily...
  8. sysfail

    Swan M10 vs Swan M200MKII

    I am looking at these 2 Swan speakers. Is the M200MkII worth the price difference from the M10 (night and day difference?), or is the M10 the better bang for the buck compared to the M200MKII? Keep in mind the M200MkII is about twice the price of the M10.   I just need some nice speakers...
  9. aleex

    Swan M10: subwoofer placement + cable question

    Have some questions regarding my Swan M10's. Firstly, how much does the placement of the subwoofer matter? Since it's supposed to be on your desktop, I got three options: The black line in the corner is (obviously) my monitor, the red line is my TV and the blue rectangle is my computer. I...
  10. hehsy5sy5

    2.1/2.0 Speakers on Budget: Swan M10's or any other speakers (vs) Klipsch ProMedia 2.1/M-Audio AV 40/etc

    So I'm looking for nice 2.1/2.0 speakers on a budget($100-150 most preferable) for gaming, music, and movies. Of course, I went through numerous threads and forums before coming back to head-fi to ask my question. From those threads/forums/reviews, I was originally leaning toward the Klipsch...
  11. Papertowels

    Fostex PM0.4W vs Swan M10

    Hello! I'm a budding headfi-er looking for a decent set of speakers to use with my laptop, and I'm turning to you guys for some help. I have a fiio e7 dac that I can use with my lappy, but to be honest, I can barely hear a difference with my current $25 logitech speakers.  I'm not buying a...
  12. sysfail

    Swan M10 vs M200 MKII vs H4

    I am looking at these 2 Swan speakers, mostly the M10 and the M200 MKII. Is the M200 MKII worth the price difference from the M10, or is the M10 the better bang for the buck compared to the M200 MKII? How does the M200 MKII compare with the H4? The H4 are slightly more, are they a lot better...
  13. sinphase

    Where to buy the swan m10 in Canada or comparable 2.1 speaker recommendations?

    As the title says. Or how much did ordering from the US cost overall with shipping and duties? And finally, any recommendations for similar products under $200? 
  14. bertrandbc

    Where to get Swans M10 in France

    Hi all,   I'm looking for HiVi Swans M10. I used to own set and liked them but it seems impossible to have them delivered in France anymore. The only seller mentioning them is Audiophonics but don't seem to have them available:  ...
  15. Garland

    PC Speakers for watching movies?

    For games I use :) so for movies I like speakers, I was looking at the Swan M10 is that good? Any suggestions? I use a Xonar Essence STX
  16. Sowexly

    Desktop Speakers ~150 USD

    I'm looking for some new desktop speakers coming from the Logitech S220 they were speakers to say the least but I want something with more kick and warmer sound. I plan to run it with my Xonar STX so I can use RCA or Stereo and hopefully the sound card will help liven up the sound.  ...
  17. SEALBoy

    2.1 Speakers for ~$100

    I'm looking for good 2.1 speakers on a budget of $100ish. I can pick up some used but good condition Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers (with the older, better sub that has the on/off switch) for around ~$80, which is what I'm leaning towards. I've also heard Swans M10 are very good, but those will...
  18. Aussiejuggalo

    2.1 speakers for music?

    Well i just got rid of my Logitech X-540 5.1 as i dont use 5.1 for gaming anymore i use a headset  and i want better speaker sound quality . Im now after some 2.1 speakers but i have no idea what to get. Mostly will be used for music (pretty much every kind) while im not at my pc (have a...
  19. RevinNerd

    Which of these 2.1 speaker systems is the best?

    I am new to audio and head fi, and I need a new set of computer speakers. I found a couple high rated 2.1 sets on amazon, and was wondering which was the best. If none of these is sufficent for the price, my range is 40-60 bucks.  ...
  20. rockmonkey95

    I need computer speakers

    Hey so its summer in NY and that means I need to blast the a/c otherwise its 90 degrees in my room.  The problem is that when I crank up the a/c I can't hear music or movies from my laptop.  In order to fix this problem I need computer speakers that have a nice bass and sound clear.  I don't...
  21. ti5002000


    Hi guys   what ,do you think,are the best monitors for around 150$?
  22. 4 cm

    HiVi Swans M10 vs D1010-iv?

    Has anyone heard these two in comparison with each other?  They are roughly the same price and by the same manufacturer so they should theoretically have the same caliber of quality but being as they are completely different speakers, I wonder how they compare in sound.   Anyone know?
  23. avengernoonzz

    Best speakers for mids

    hey all I'm looking for the best speakers for mids or possibly a balanced speaker system (no 5.1 or high ends please) with a $250 AUD budget. I will only be listening to music with these, playing games and watching movies on my PC but music is a top priority since I use my headphones for gaming...
  24. hcabrita

    100€ computer speakers

    Hello,   I've got a friend who's not that much into music. I believe she isn't because she lacks sound quality, since she only listens to music through her imac's g5 built in speakers.   So I'm set on an endeavour of making her listen more eheheh (double meaning lol).   Could you...
  25. Darkstrike120

    Computer speakers 2.1 setup around 100$

    Exactly what the title says. They will be hooked up to my labtop when im in my dorm room, as well as be used with my desktop when im at home. Because of the dorm setup a small footprint is preferable. I can always find a spot for a mid sized sub, but desk space for the satellites will be...