1. brbattles

    Seeking Hifiman EF-1000 amplifier impressions

    Hi all, I'd greatly appreciate your impressions of Hifiman's EF1000 head amp on the Susvaras and how it compares to the Woo Audio WA-33 head amp on the Susvaras to the extent you've had the opportunity to experience both combinations. Many thanks, Battles
  2. EndGameSearch

    SOLD - HifiMan Susvara - Mint - Bought New in July, 2018

    I've been on the fence about selling these and have listed and unlisted them already. Sorry for the confusion to those that have been interested. I do not want to sell these but I just made a deal on a Sr009 and need to purchase an electrostatic amp and can not keep it all. I bought these new...
  3. mahesvara

    [SOLD] Susvara mint condition for sale (burned in for about 150 hours)

    On a whim I purchased the Susvara (I received it 2 weeks ago) to complement my Utopia. I really wanted to like it. It sounded great when I heard it at RMAF. However, when I had enough time to listen to it and compare it with my Utopia, I realize I prefer the Utopia's sound signature a lot more...
  4. gonzalo1004es

    Abyss Phi & Susvara vs. HE-6 tonality

    Hi! For those who've been able to audition these three (no way to audition Abyss and Susvara in my country...), which one has a closer sound signature to the HE-6? I'm looking to upgrade and I'm searching for something in HE-6's tonality, which I love:) Thanks in advance!
  5. ostewart

    HiFiMan Susvara

    I haven't seen a dedicated thread to this headphone yet, so I thought why not create one, So who has heard them? Post impressions and pictures below :D
  6. MoonAudio

    NEW HiFiMan SUSVARA Headphones

    HiFiMan SUSVARA Headphones Free 2nd Day Shipping $6,000 HiFiMan SUSVARA Headphones Acoustically Invisible Stealth Magnets The HiFiMan SUSVARA Headphones use a new advanced magnet design for the first time. This design aims to be acoustically transparent, dramatically reducing wave...