1. Yukicore

    Steelseries Flux In-ear hard to adjust correctly into ear.

    Hey, everyone.   I recently purchased Steelseries Flux In-ear headphones, and I have one big problem. These are my 3rd isolating, in-ear headphones, usually had some difficulties plugging them in my ears, mostly because they were falling out, but with these one's it's quite different.  ...
  2. silver__wombat

    IM DONE WITH THEM (help me get some decent headphones)

    So today I broke my turtle beach HPA2's. I baby my headphones, there always placed on my desk with care. I have broke too many headsets in the past and wanted these to last. Well today I took them off and got up from my computer, and they fell the less then 3 feet to my carpeted floor and the...
  3. Steelseries Siberia In-Ear Headphones White

    Steelseries Siberia In-Ear Headphones White

    Get the most from your digital devices with the Icemat Siberia In-Ear Headphone. Immerse yourself totally in your favorite games, music and movies.Experience rich studio quality sound without distracting or interfering background noise.3 different earpieces included to ensure optimal fitting...