1. charliex

    Stax SRM-T1...having issues - Tubes?

    Hey - my trusty and much loved T1 after 3 years is giving me issues.  Sounds like one or both channels keep cutting out, more prevalent in one channel.  Very static like sound.  I'm hoping it's just the tubes, unless someone can advise me otherwise.  And if it is the tubes, what tubes can be...
  2. ophan

    FS: Stax SRM-T1

    The SRM-T1 comes with 3 outputs: 2 Pro bias and one normal bias output. This means that it can power both normal and pro bias Stax headphones. It sound sounds great and looks beautiful. The amp is set at 100V but I will supply a step down transformer for use in the United States should you...
  3. SBranson

    STAX SRM -T1

    *Reduced*  Now only $520.   Selling my Stax SRM-T1   This was a one owner piece, previously owned by a British audiophile who relocated to Canada, bringing this with him.  When he passed away, his son sold his father's audio gear and I purchased this along with some Lambda Signatures in...
  4. fsrick

    STAX SRM-T1 Amp [Price Drop!!!]

    Picked up this in a local store a couple years ago. The cosmetic condidtion is not in a good shape, scratches in the front plate and the top cover of the volume knot is missing. And I did not do a good job to repaint the cover (I actually should not have done it :( ). However, inside of the amp...
  5. padam

    Stax SRM-T1 (ecc99 modified) 240V

    Selling the following amp, great match for Lambdas. Reason for sale is that it is a bit more fiddly to have XLR input on it as well which I prefer to use.   I am only the second owner so it is in perfect working order and great (almost mint) cosmetic condition. It is a 240V unit so not a grey...
  6. 3X0

    FS: Stax SRM-T1S Electrostatic Amplifier

    Stax SRM-T1S energizer (with two pairs of RCA inputs and balanced XLR inputs) in excellent condition.   This unit is almost two decades old and, to my knowledge, has not been opened up (e.g. to have the tubes or capacitors replaced). It has been out-of-use for most of the past decade. I have...
  7. mikek200

    Stax SRM-T1s Amp /with USA Voltage------SOLD

    Please Note: This amp came from Japan,and had a AV 100v  setting,and Japaneses power plug,which I threw out. A POWER PLUG IS NEEDED. I used this amp ,with a Venom 3 power cable with outstanding results .   Thanks to Spritzer's INSTRUCTIONS,and other head-fiers...I removed the bottom plate ,and...
  8. graben

    Stax SRM-T1S International Shipping

    For sale is a Stax SRM-T1S amp. It is very close to the current SRM-006t amp. The Amp sounds nice but is has a few cosmetic blemishes. A scratch at the top, some missing paint, and the front is not spotless. It is currently wired for 100V so you would need a step-down converter or rewire it.   ...
  9. nemomec

    Stax SRM-T1 tube amplifier include free shipping to EU!

    Sell ​​a tube headphone amplifier Stax SRM-T1 in perfect technical and very good optical condition (only some marks at the case). The SRM-T1 was set to 240V, full maintained (exchange with high quality capacitors, tube replacement) and recalibrated. The tube type is Nec NOS 6CG7! The original...
  10. 3X0

    FS: Modded Stax SRM-T1 Electrostatic Amplifier + Brand New SR-307

    New SR-307 and modded SRM-T1 for sale.   The SRM-T1 unit had new tubes installed fairly recently and was re-biased by the previous owner. The mods include removal of the original passthrough RCAs in favor of "higher-end" RCA inputs. The volume pot was decoupled from the circuit and thus the...
  11. NamelessPFG

    Interest Check: Stax equipment (SR-Lambda, refurb Lambda, SRD-6, SRD-7/SB, SRM-T1)

    I think I'm gonna need to sell off some of this stuff soon. Shoot me a PM with a reasonable offer if you're interested.   Headphones:   SR-Lambda SOLD! (The original Normal bias set. Very good condition overall. There might be some bits of deteriorated foam still inside the earcups, but...
  12. paaj

    Stax SRM-T1

    Tube amplifier designed for electrostatic headphones.