1. LingLing1337

    Looking for new cans, what can you recommend?

    Hey all I've been out of headphones for a while but I'm ready to jump back in. I want a pair of home headphones that don't require a ridiculously powerful amp, the excellent HP amp on my Decco is strong enough to drive Grado PS1ks so I think it should be fine with most. I'd also prefer to stay...
  2. dolgen

    Stax SR-5 vs. Lambda

    I bought a set of vintage Stax SR-5 earspeakers, and I'm really enjoying them, getting into headphones for the first time in my long audiophile life.   I'm wondering about "upgrading" to a pair of vintage Stax Lambda headphones, which is probably as high up the Stax price list as I'm willing...
  3. daniel0407

    Stax SR5 (Gold)

    Hi all,   Somebody is selling me the combo Stax SR5 (gold) and SRD 6 for a price of 260,- Eur. Since I am not an expert, I do not know if it is a good deal; I would say, if they are in good condition then the price would be not bad, but before doing something I wanted to ask to the people...
  4. MDR30

    WTB: Stax SR-5 N (Gold), SR-Gamma or SR-X Mk3 driver

    If you've got a pair of SR-5 N (Gold) with only one driver working - sell it to me.
  5. terjer2

    Stax Sr-5: What`s better?

    If I were to upgrade my Stax SR-5/SRD-7 combo, In a price range $200-400, what would be the "next step" so to speak? I listen to mostly jazz/soul/funk type music...with "real" instruments ;-) I`d appreciate any input.
  6. KrypticMind

    SR-Lambda Pro, SR-5NB, SRM-1/Mk2

    To eBay it goes...
  7. GRod


    * The Stax SR-5NB, Black and Gold Earspeakers are extremely rare. They're not often found for sale anywhere.   * These were purchased new earlier this year. When first received, they were tested to verify that they were working, and then stored away, and rarely used after that.   * The...
  8. Balazska26

    Stax SR5 Gold for sale! (EU/WW)

    Hey folks. For sale is one of these great headphones. These phones are in great condition as of you can see on the pictures, sonically absolutely perfect. (second picture is from the internet, others self made.) They sound very great for the price, much better than dynamic in this price...
  9. DolphinG


  10. Lornecherry

    Old, broken Stax SR-5 or just the pads

    If you've got a set of pads for an SR-5, let me know. Audiocubes wants $54 shipped for theirs and that's too much. I used this type of pad to cover the itchy foam on my Grado RS-1 and it works well without degrading the sound.
  11. SmittyHalibut

    How dramatically will a direct amp affect the sound of electrostatic headphones, specifically Stax SR-5?

    I'm borrowing a pair of SR-5s with SRD-6 interface box from a friend to decide whether I want to buy them.   As one would expect, they are INCREDIBLY detailed.  However, the frequency response is not enjoyable for my listening style.  They are bass-light (expected) and mid-heavy (not...
  12. dave650

    Stax SR5

    Hello! Last of four items I am trying to sell to help me out of some heavy debt, my Stax SR5 non Pro bias headphones. I like these more than I like any of my dynamics (except the 800s) and anyone who wants in on the Stax sound could do worse than get these as an entry to the electrostatic...
  13. HughJazz

    Distortion from Stax SR-5 with amp

    Hello, I have used my Stax SR-5 with SRD6/SB connected to a Technics SU-600 Stereo amplifier after a longer period of not using them. Unfortunately, the sound is distorting, like heavy noise on vocals and bass (sounds like really bad/loud mastering X 10). I do not think that it's happening in...
  14. Elberoth

    Stax ED 5 Equalizer - a must have for the SR-5 headphones !

    One of the rarest Stax items out there, now going for $200. The unit is in absolutely pristine condition, easily 10/10, basicly unused. It comes with the original box.   Stax ED-5 was designes especially for the SR-5 headphones, to give the the flattest possible frequency and phase response...
  15. hbarca

    STAX SRD7 SR5 hook up to pc help!

    I recently bought. Srd7, sr5 combo set. And how do I hook that guys up on my pc??
  16. warsh

    I need to find an amp for my Stax SR-5s

    I recently went electrostatic and got a pair of Stax's SR-5s. To say that they produce fantastically realistic sound (with the proper source files of course; garbage in, garbage out) is an understatement. I currently have them hooked up to a SRD-6 energizer which is connected to a NuForce Icon 2...
  17. MohawkUS

    Vintage STAX SR-5NB Gold + SRD-6SB

    For your consideration today, a pair of STAX SR-5NB headphones. These headphones have been with me two years now(about a year ago I dropped them and broke some of the plastic on the headband, please see attached pictures for the damage. Because of this, the left side of the headband doesn't...
  18. seqasim

    * big price drop, priced to SELL quickly!* AKG K240 Sextett MP with Stax SR-5 Pads

    See this classifies for pictures and details: Price includes Paypal and shipping.    Asking 120.00 $99.00
  19. Molooch

    Electrostatic Headphones

    Hi , I just joined this site due to my recently increasing interests for headphones. Now I've found these headphones laying around the house, my father bought them, in the 70s I guess. I would like to have some more info about them : )
  20. nick n

    STAX SR-5 with SRD-6 Adaptor

    SOLD to yet another excellent head-fier!            I don't think these need any introduction do they?   Had these for a while and am slowly moving towards more portable audio. These honestly do not get any use like they really deserve. I finally understand what people mean by that...
  21. oicdn

    Stax SR-5 and SRD6?

    How are these? Worth snagging up? What're they worth?
  22. Stax SR-5NB

    Stax SR-5NB

    Same drivers as the Stax SR-X MK3 but with a warmer sound and over-ear pads. Comes in at least 2 variations with different cabling For sale from 1982?-199x? the older thick round cable and the newer ribbon cable