1. DavidMahler

    Do the 507 compare to the Omega 2?

    Is it worth owning both?   Thanks :)
  2. vkvedam

    Stax SR-507 + SRM-007tII & SR-007 MkII + SRM-007tII Kimik At National Audio Show, UK

    Well I had the pleasure of listening to top of the range Stax electrostat systems. I spent about 2-3 hours in that syndicate analysing both the systems. First of all I must say I loved both the systems, not to rule out but the 2050 system was an absolute revelation for me. For that price they...
  3. Drumonron

    Stax SR-507 - Sept. 1, 2010 , Stax SR-207 - Oct. 1, 2010 What!!

    On the Stax thread(new) I saw rumblings about this earspeaker from Stax called the SR-507.  I tried to research but, surprisingly, there is little information on them other than basics.  Supposedly they are due in September, 2010.    I wanted to start a thread in order to collect any and all...
  4. Jodet

    SR-507's - SRM323 a good match?

    Would the SRM323 be a good match for the 507's?   Or is the five hundred dollar bump up to the tube SRM006 very much worth it?   I'm a little weary of tube maintenance, the occasionally noisy one, etc.   And did I read that the SRM006 needs to be opened up to bias the tubes?   I'm using...
  5. PuffyElvis

    Stax SR-507 with SRM-323S (US Model) - Price Drop! Ship Anywhere

    SOLD!   For sale is the following set:   Stax SRM-323S (US Model) Stax SR-507 (US Model)   Both were purchased from Elusive Disc in April 2013 and are in mint condition, no scratches, no dents, works flawlessly.    Includes original packaging, owner's manual, etc...  I'll also include...
  6. SBranson

    Stax SRM-007tA

    I very recently purchased here:   This is the Japan model and as such comes with a transformer. It's in excellent condition with a couple scratches on the sides but nothing major.  It comes...
  7. SBranson

    Stax SR-507 (SRM-007tA also available)

    Hello.   **SR-507s are sold, the amp is still available** I very recently upgraded to the O2mk1 so I'm selling my SR-507s. I purchased these from here about a month ago: Now, they did look new except for the cloth part of the headband...
  8. akwok

    BRAND NEW Stax SR-507 [CANADA]

    I am selling a brand new pair of Stax SR-507 headphones. I purchased it from PriceJapan a few weeks ago, but even before it arrived I placed an order for an SR-009. As such, I have absolutely no use for these headphones. Warranty is still valid via PriceJapan, of course. For full disclosure...
  9. CorvetteGarage

    Stax SR-507 Headphones For Sale

    For sale , Stax SR-507 Pro Bias electrostatic headphones.   The head band was changed before I acquired them. The current head band is a new Lambda replacement, (, which most people prefer in terms of comfort. It has a...
  10. Theta Alpha 1


  11. Stax SR-507 Electrostatic Earspeaker

    Stax SR-507 Electrostatic Earspeaker

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