1. Audiogalore

    Stax SR-507

    Looking for a 507; If available please submit a PM!
  2. SBranson

    Stax SR-507

    I just recently got these to replace my Lambda Signature... As many newcomers to this site I have been spending like mad, thinking I would go with a Stax based desktop rig and a portable rig. In the end I'm going to stay with the CLAS/SR-71B/T1 and try to recoup some of my expenditures. So...
  3. BoogieWoogie

    Stax SR-507 and SRM-323S

    They are both in great condition, I will try add photos of the 323S later.    I can ship the headphone worldwide. Only asking what I paid for, I can split them if I get interest in both items. 
  4. BoogieWoogie

    WTB: Stax SR-507

    Looking for one in good condition, worldwide. 
  5. B

    Stax SR-507

    PM me if you want let go your SR-507   Payment by bank wire or paypal.
  6. maxfazer

    FS/FT: Stax SR-507 & Woo Audio WEE

    For  sale Stax SR-507 & Woo Audio WEE in like new conditions and still under warranty ( i'm the second owner).. I sell the Woo only separately. Pm me if interested Cheers Massimiliano
  7. kytuphicanh

    [FS] Mint condition STAX SR-507

    Hi guys, I intend to upgrade to the STAX SR-007, so i have to part with my SR-507. It's in mint condition and about 3 month old. i bought this headphone directly from Japan and i still keep all the manual and box that came with it. I will post some pictures later. The price is $900 including...
  8. StaxUser

    Stax Sr507 issue

    First post up here after receiving my rig. Just got a brand new Sr507 and SRM007MkII combo and initial feeling is good even if the SRM007 was slaughter'ed in Innerfidellitys review of the SR009 with amps. Anyway-I have a slight issue with the Sr507; Right transducer has a - well I'm not sure...
  9. Trance_Gott

    WTB: Stax SR-407, SR-507, Lambda Pro

    Hello, I wanted to buy a Stax SR-407, SR-507 or Lambda Pro in good condition.
  10. Hun7er

    Amp recommandation for Stax SR507

    Hello,   I'm looking to buy a Stax SR507.   I need a amp for this new headphone, I can't decide between SRM-006tS, Stax SR-007t II ?   I have see a SR-007t II with 240voltages, I'm in France and the voltage is 230. Must I buy a transformer ?   Best regards
  11. MetalElvis

    1000-1500$ amp for Stax SR-009?

    Is there a headphone amp in this price range to drive the SR-009 great?   Please give me some recommendations. I might just afford the SR-009, but definitely can´t afford a 5000$ amp.
  12. astrostar59

    Buying Stax from Ebay Japan stores - is it ok?

    Hi All   I am thinking of buying a new pair of SR-507s from Japan direct (Ebay Store - Wonder Japan).   Has anyone bought from this company, or had any experience with other prime seller stores on Ebay?   I am hoping there are no clone (fake) Stax Headphone out there being sold!  ...
  13. astrostar59

    Stax SR-507 - is the 507 Signature version still made or has it merged into the current 507???

    Hi All   I have a circa 2000 rig of Lambda Nova Signatures, and I am thinking of buying a new pair of SR-507s from Japan direct (Ebay Store - Wonder Japan)   Is the 507 Signature version still made or has it merged into the current 507???   If not, where can I buy one new, and what...
  14. xzobinx

    ++RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD For High-end Audio (headphone) ++ i.e. Don't start a new thread: ask for advice HERE! [Please read OP]

    Ok, I have enjoyed the high-end section for quite a long time but lately I feel this thread is polluted with the common seeking for advices for headphones from the equipment section . Please take no offense, I just want to have a clean 2end forum and don't want a messy place like the current...
  15. DefQon

    Best closed headphone for electronic based music

    Hey all....   Posted this a long time ago in the non-summit fi section but was told I'd get a better response in the summit-fi section.   What is the best closed form factor headphone one could buy that is excellent for electronic based music, my budget is $2k, and please no Denon and...
  16. catcat

    Genuine leather pads for stax sr-202

    I am using a pair of stax sr202. The earpads are made of artificial leather. The feeling is suck when using in summer, since I am very sensitive to hot weather and easily get sweating. Is there any improvement if i replace the earpads with the ones used in sr-507, which are made of genuine...
  17. BeyerFan

    If HD800 And T1 Are Overpriced, What Are The Cheaper Alternatives That Compete With These Two Flagship?

    In the review below, ASR mentioned that the HD800 and T1 do not perform in the $1k category of headphones. Since the thread is locked, I would appreciate if ASR or anyone can recommend headphones that perform at their price point. Are there any headphones that sound almost similar to HD800 or T1...
  18. Asr

    Review: Audeze LCD-2 (r1 & r2), HiFiMan HE-6, Stax SR-507, Stax OII MKI/BHSE, et al

    Review: Audeze LCD-2 (revisions 1 & 2) vs Audio-Technica AD2000, AKG K701, Grado HP1000, HiFiMan HE-6, JH Audio JH13, Sennheiser HD800, Sony Qualia 010, Stax SR-507, & Stax OII MKI USA retail prices at press time: AKG K701: $349.00 Audeze LCD-2 r1: discontinued Audeze LCD-2 r2: $945.00...
  19. Abubizarre

    Stax SR-507 with SRM323A

    I have just received the SR-507 from PriceJapan. Really excellent service.   However, I have only had them an hour, so I'll give at least a few days for burn-in.   I will then compare them with STAX SR-303, Sennheiser HD650, and Alessandro MS2. I am using the SRM323A I bought in Japan...
  20. DavidMahler

    SR-507 Lambda headband different from the other Lambdas?

    I was comparing the SR 507 the other day against a friend's 407 and I noticed that the 407 was way more comfortable due to what seemed like a different headband design.  The pads on the SR507 press into the jowls and while it never really bothered me before, comparing it against the 407 made me...
  21. Jodet

    Sound Quest has their SQ-84 V2 on sale this August

    Quest for Sound has their SQ-84 V2 amp on sale this month.   MSRP is $1250, it's $888 in August.  This is a stunningly good tube amp with two inputs, remote control, and outputs 15wpc to run speakers.   Mine was dead quiet, no buzz, no hum, and sounded wonderful.   I used it to run a variety of...
  22. edsel95

    New Headphones in the last 30 days.

    HiFiMan He4, Grado 325i, B&W P5.    Is life sweet or what?    Your thoughts...
  23. tvrboy

    HE-6 vs. LCD-2 comparison thread

    *Edit* Due to requests, I will add my impression of the Stax SR-507 as well. I used a SRM-1 Mk2 C to power it.   Just thought it might be nice to have a thread comparing the two headphones du jour ... the HiFiMAN HE-6 and Audeze LCD-2. I'll go first with my impressions...   Just as a...
  24. vrln

    Stax Lambda primer for electrostat newbies

    Introduction:   This thread is my attempt at writing a small guide for getting into the world of Stax electrostatic headphones. I personally just bought my first Stax system and I´ve never been this impressed by any gear so far during my headphone hobby. The world of Stax headphones can look...
  25. Gradofan2

    Amp For My SR-507's - T1... or... 7t... or... GES???

    I've bought a set of 507's to check out the Stax line.  After all the positive comments, comparing them favorably to the LCD2's and HE-6's - I finally decided to give Stax a try.    But... now I have to get an amp for them.  I'm too frugal to go with anything great (e.g. KGSS or BH) - so...