1. svyr

    Stax HP + amp unit system: Stax SR-507 + stand + cover + LNS headband + Transistor-amp v3 - both Mint - Sydney Australia or WWide

    Why? *cough existential HP crisis, cough* Both my IEMs and work setup are a lot brighter than my SR-507 + Transistor-Amp v3. Every time I listen to my electrostatic setup,it sounds fantastic, but at the same time - very very neutral (a less bassy and physically heavy version of LCD-2/HE-6 type...
  2. visualguy

    Stax SR-507 electrostatic headphones - like new

      These are Stax SR-507 electrostatic headphones in perfect like-new shape.   I bought them new about 5 months ago, and used them only a few times.   I will include the original box and everything that came in the box.   $650 total - including shipping in the US and PayPal fees.  
  3. aurabullet

    GES + 007 mk1/2 or SR507

    Does anyone have this setup?   I got a max'd out 3ch b22 and a hd800 for trade for a stax setup i.e ges + 007 (I will add money on my end)   or for a sr507 + ges and some money on your end
  4. spekkio

    Stax SR-507

    Dear all, Want to sell a Stax SR-507 Electrostatic headphone. Bought from Music By Design (Authorized distributor) Sept 2011. Warranty till Sept 2012. Pictures are up. In like new condition. No physical flaws and no sonic ones either. Selling because I'm upgrading to SR-007 Mk1.  ...
  5. MuppetFace

    The Stax SR-507 Thread

      SR-507     Five zero seven: Bright and beautiful sounding,  This thread is for you.
  6. rsbrsvp


    In Mint condition please.
  7. dave650

    Stax SR-507

    Here are my beloved Stax SR507 headphones that I must sell due to heavy debt. They were only ever lightly used, had their most use in the first six months I owned them. They still have their original box, wouldn't throw that out haha, and are really in new condition, great condition. Obviously...
  8. KwyjiboVenneri

    Stax SR-507

    I am looking for some Stax SR-507
  9. Sam73

    Stax SR-507 with SRM-600! Is it worth change the Amp maybe to GES/WES

    Hello ,   i realy like my Stax SR-507 with SRM-600.   But I'm curious what I could expect from changing the amplifier to a Woo GES or maybe WES.   Can anybody tell me something about that?   I´m from Europe so the only way for me is to order blind. Shure, the look of Wes...
  10. NoXter

    Stax SR-507

    I'm looking for a Stax SR-507 in good smoke-free condition!
  11. mwilson

    Pairing notes: Cavalli LL, Woo WA-5 w/ WEE, First Watt F1, HE6, Jade, Stax SR-007 mk I, SR-009, SR-507, Lambda Nova Sig.

    Notes reflect audition during a mini-meet in Boca Raton on 6/30/2012. Audiogalore, Sridhar3 and Mwilson in attendance.     EQUIPMENT   Sources Esoteric X-03SE as CD player PS Audio PWD w/ Bridge Resolution Audio Cantata Music Center as CD player   Amplification Cavalli...
  12. Seamaster

    Airbow SR-SC21 STAX SR-507

    Anyone here own or tried Airbow SR-SC21? It is basically a modded Stax SR-507 by a shop at Osaka Japan. I found some review is Japanese, but google translation does not make senses sometimes. Can someone tell me how they sound and tonal signature? Thanks.   Here is the link  too...
  13. treebug

    WTB Stax SRM 600 Limited and SR-507 UK

    Looking for Stax SRM 600 Limited with SR-507. Both must be in immaculate condition. UK only.
  14. alavan

    WTB Stax SR-507 or SR-407

    Looking for a good condition Stax SR-507 or SR-407. Cheers
  15. axellone

    Stax SR507 - SOLD

    For sale Stax SR507 headphone, perfect condition. I'm the first owner. Thanks
  16. koonhua90

    FS/IC: Stax SR-507 headphone

    I am selling my Stax 507 because since I got the O2 Mk1 I have not been using the 507 much. I need to get a closed back headphone, and this 507 has to go.   The original headband is broken by the previous owner. If you know Stax headband, there is a small piece of plastic screwed onto the...
  17. pcf

    Stax SR-507 Sold!

    Brand new pair of Stax SR-507 bought from PriceJapan. They have never been used or plugged in. I only took them out to take pictures.   Reason for selling: I bought these headphones in the middle of moving from California to London and never had a chance to use them. I have got the O2 anyway...
  18. rsbrsvp

    STAX SR-507

    I just bought these from "ENRICO"  in Italy.   They arrived today in Mint condition in a mint condition original box.  I paid $782.00 including shipping.  I had to pay another $60 in duties.     I listened for one minute- and they were not to my liking.   Resale price includes Pay Pal...
  19. BoogieWoogie

    STAX SRM-323S and Stax SR-507

    They are both in great condition. Will try add photos of the 323S later.    Only asking what I paid for, I can split them if I get interest in both items.
  20. hally115

    STAX SR-507 good condition used

    Hello, guys.   I would like to sell my stax SR-507 headphone. I bought this from here about half year ago. The headphone is really good condition and there is no scratches. The ear pad and head band are also perfect and this also includes SR-507 genuine package box.   I can only...
  21. Shanelee1997


    if you have these and are willingto ship to singapore please pm me thanks:)
  22. Jodet

    Stax SR-507, Original owner, Mint condition - free paypal.

    I just got a pair of Quad ESL's so I'm selling my Stax SR-507's.   Bought these new in a factory sealed box from a U.S. dealer about a year and a half ago.   They are as new and will ship in factory box, double sealed.    Shipping is twenty bucks, but I'll pay the paypal fees.    ...
  23. Hun7er

    FS : Stax SR507

    Hello,   Selling a pair of Stax SR507 in great conditions, I cover it to avoid dust.  I also sell a SR007t, it's a wonderful couple. Price will be reduce if you take the couple.   Price include shipping to Europe. It comes with his original box.
  24. Jodet

    Stax SR-507s and 323S amp - both as new with manufacturers boxes

    Want to get into Stax?  Here's a complete set for you.   I tried the Woo energizer at first and really didn't care for it - much better results with the 323S.    These are both like new, I'm the original owner.  Can's are just over a year old, amp a little less than that.  Email if you'd...
  25. Chefguru

    Wanted: Stax sr507

    Looking for a working stax sr507. Also interested in a stax srm323s if anyone wants to sell as a set. Also open to trades + cash for a Grado hp-2.