stax sr-007 mk2
  1. billqs


    I never thought I would have the nads to do this, but times are tough! Up for sale: STAX SR-007 mk2: I've owned these for several years and had new sound elements installed by STAX in November of 2018 (I have the invoice which I will gladly produce). There a few slight marks in the coating...
  2. Erfan Elahi

    FOUND [Wanted: (Trade only) HE-1000v2 / Empyrean / SR-007 or L700+Energizer]

    Hi, I have a Empire Ears Wraith in excellent condition. I have the stock box and accessories without the stock Cleopatra cable. I can include my Effect Audio Ares ii Bespoke 8 braid with 4.4mm termination. I would like to trade this for any of the following: > Meze Empyrean > HIFIMAN HE-1000v2 >...
  3. Stax SR-007 MK2 / stax SR-4070 cans

    Stax SR-007 MK2 / stax SR-4070 cans