1. Sludig

    CIEMs that measured than LCD2??

    Keep in mind that my favorite headphone is Audeze LCD2, I´m looking for a good pair of CIEMs. I had read about Spiral Ears SE5, Frogbeats C4, ACS T1 live!, Starkey SA-43 which reviews say are similar to LCD2, but I don´t find measurements from all of them to compare. I´d like people can help...
  2. rangerid

    [REVIEW] Starkey SA-43: 4 Sound Sigs – 1 CIEM

    Starkey SA-43: 4 Sound Sigs – 1 CIEM   1. Introduction             1.1 How to Order             1.2 Options             1.3 Warranty and Refit 2. Design             2.1 Built Quality             2.2 Specification and Crossover 3. Accessories 4. Ergonomics             4.1...
  3. ace8888

    Best CIEM?

    So, I've been thinking for sometimes about getting a custom... coming from Fitear 334 and tralucent 1plus2. I'd say it'd be nice to get both worlds advantages (1p2 soundstage, low bass; 334 liquid smooth mids) which one do you guys think is the best? Fitear MH335DW UM Miracle Frogbeats C5 JH16...
  4. average_joe

    Custom IEM Review: Heir Audio 8.A – Long live the king

    Custom IEM Review: Heir Audio 8.A – Long live the king     Heir Audio was started by Dr. John Moulton, who has been involved in the hearing industry since childhood.  Before starting Heir Audio, Dr. Moulton would post images of custom IEMs he created, all with amazing artwork and became...
  5. average_joe

    Multi-Custom In-Ear Monitor Review, Resource, Mfg List & Discussion (Check first post for review links & information)

    This is the custom in-ear monitor (CIEM) resource thread with a collection of review summaries for many of many CIEMs with links to full reviews as well as quite a bit of information.  I complied this resource since CIEMs have poor resale value and I could not find a resource that compared more...
  6. average_joe

    Hidition NT-6 Custom IEM Review: The Ultimate Reference?

    Hidition NT-6 Custom IEM Review: The Ultimate Reference?     Hidition, located in Korea, has been making custom IEMs for quite some time but recently just revamped their lineup and website.  Their products are primarily sold through stores in Korea, but they are now selling...
  7. Staal

    The Starkey HF-2 thread: Affordable custom IEM for your phone

    Intro   Not long ago Starkey launched their canal-sized custom in-ear monitor HF-2. I've been lucky enough to get to review it and share my thoughts with the rest of the Head-Fi community.   The Starkey HF-2 utilizes a 2-way TWFK driver (single-case dual balanced armature) and a passive...
  8. average_joe

    M-Fidelity (formerly Starkey Norway) SA-43 Custom IEM Review: Expansive Space + Options

    Starkey M-Fidelity SA-43: Expansive Space + Options   Starkey M-Fidelity is located in Norway and makes a full line of custom IEMs from single drivers through their flagship 3-way 4-driver SA-43.  Starkey designs the SA line of products including hearing aids, custom IEMs, hearing...
  9. David58117

    which custom for me?!

    Lets say budget is about $1500, that my favorite iem/headphone being ER4S and akg k701, and that i definitely do not like bass monsters or too warm a presentation (ive had the miles davis tributes, and wasnt much of a fan of them).  I listen generally to classical and jazz.     Most...
  10. ceekay84

    Starkey SA-43 Anyone??

    Anyone heard of these Starkey SA-43 IEMs? They're highly praised above many of the high-end custom IEMs. Link: http://inearmonitoring.files.wordpre...ember-2009.pdf
  11. Navea

    [REVIEW] Starkey SA-43, JH 13 Pro, JH 16 Pro

              This is my personal review of my JH 13 Pro, JH 16 Pro and Starkey SA-43 monitors. This review is done with my own opinions and ears.   As many of you have heard of the top models JH13 and JH16 Pro's, some of you may have heard of Starkey. Starkey is a known big company for its...
  12. Starkey SA-43

    Starkey SA-43

    General Info Taken From Starkey: Proprietary precision-balanced armatures Dual low, single mid, single high Integrated 3-way crossover Noise isolation -30dB Frequency response: 30-18000 Hz Input sensitivity: 104dB Impedance: 50Ohms Price: $1,048,00 + Shipping 2-year warranty on parts & labor...