1. Stekos

    Some opinions/thoughts on my headphones - HD650, Grado SR60, Koss Porta-Pro, Etymotic HF2, Polk 8000 and 3000,

    I finally got my "listening station" setup, and wanted to do a side-by-side comparison of my various headphones.  I figured that since I went though all this, I would post my findings.      Me:  46 year old audiophile-wannabe.  Why post my age?  Because of the high-end falloff.  I did a...
  2. SodaMeiser


    looking for this phone, 400 is the max I can spend, let me know
  3. Sir Tmotts III

    What differences could I expect between a HF-2 and my 325is?

    Hey people, I'm interested in getting a HF-2, but i wonder how much change I would expect between the HF and my basic 325i?   P.S. bonus points if you could compare the HF against a Magnum'ed or wood'ied 325i, for future reference.
  4. gregorya

    Grado HF-2

    Not sure if this is the proper forum to post this but I received a notification from Canuck Audio Mart of a sealed pair of Grado HF-2 phones for sale:   I have no connection to the seller, but...
  5. xtine

    FS: Grado HF-2

    Doing some cleaning around the house and I realize that I hardly listen to my Grado HF-2s. I figure that they should be with someone that listens to them more. They are pristine condition. No scuffs or scratches, and the pads are still new and fresh. Just comes with headphones and the signed box...
  6. merc132


    Up for sale Grado HF2 serial number #00 very rare and with perfect spelling as "Head-Fi" not "Head-F1".   Brand New, not yet opened. Bought for collection but selling it to pursue other hobby.   Price is FIRM and shipping will be $28. Paypal via gift or pls add 4% to cover fees. Thanks.
  7. rungun

    Beyer DT990/600, T1, HF-2, RS1 and LCD-2 r1&r2 (Aus)

    Hi all,   I'm selling a few of my phones.   Beyerdynamic DT880/250ohm - excellent condition - SOLD to a_recording   Beyerdynamic DT990/600ohm - excellent condition - $220   Beyerdynamic T1 (s/n: 2730) - great condition - $820   Grado HF-2 (s/n: 62) - very good condition - $420  ...
  8. mibul

    Grado HF-2 with Jmoney Lambskin headband

    Up for sale is a pair of Grado HF-2 (#464) with Jmoney Lambskin headband in excellent condition. They were terminated with a XLR plug, and also come with a SE adapter.   Asking $SOLD shipped in the US (Paypal)
  9. Dexterdm

    Amp for a Grado HF2

    Hi everyone! i have a grado hf2 paired with a little dot 1+(we408a) and a vdac2 i'm thinking to upgrade the amp section, what can i consider? thank you
  10. fraseyboy

    Grado HF2 #472 *FINAL PRICE DROP*

    I love these headphones more than everything but I have to prioritize, hence selling them. I will ship to anywhere as long as buyer pays shipping. Paypal is okay from people with good feedback.   Here's a link to my review in case you're looking for sound...
  11. Nuge

    Grado HF-2

    This Grado HF-2 has over 500+ hours on it from a previous owner. I bought new jumbo pads that I will include in this purchase. There are no issues with the headphone. I have attached pics here. The cost of $375 does NOT include shipping. Thank you . Please PM me if interested. 
  12. claybum

    Grado HF2

    Fully functioning Grado HF2 for sale. Great condition with original signed box (#486).   I purchased these brand new sealed in box from another head fier. I would estimate 150 hours of usage.    $410 includes paypal and shipping fees.   Shipping to conus only and not considering any...
  13. jezz

    FS - Grado HF-2 B-Stock (#560); PPAS amp

    Summary Grado HF-2 b-stock #560 with Quantaray case - $450 shipped (SOLD) AKG K340, bass heavy and balanced - $260 shipped (SOLD) AKG K271MKII, all stock with DIY Mogami 2893 cable - $160 shipped SOLD   The Pictures   I can send larger pictures or specific pictures if you'd like; PM...
  14. mitsu763

    Grado HF2 with Moon-Audio Black Dragon V2

    I'm trying to get myself down to a single can for the house and with that these are back up for sale. HF2 S/N 467 (I think). The cable is fantastic and is 10 ft. in length terminated to 1/4" Furutech. I've had them back from Drew for a few weeks and IMHO the cable really brought out the bass...
  15. theleonlion

    Etymotic HF2 Earphones

      Up for sale are my Etymotic HF2 earphones in superb cosmetic and functional condition.   Accessories may (or may not) be included, depending on whether or not I can find them.   Shipping within the United States will be $7 for USPS Priority.   Buyers are responsible for PayPal fees.
  16. schwallman

    Last Batch of HF2s info needed

    Hey, I just got a set of the last batch of HF2s today. I knew before buying them they were b stock. I was fine with that since last year I bought a bstock set that were damn near perfect. So this pair came in and they are pretty bad. The tops of the cups are very dull and kinda ruff feeling and...
  17. nierika

    FS: Grado HF-2 #460

    FS: 1 used pair of Grado HF-2 headphones #460, purchased from TTVJ in October 2009. Includes original box, pair of *brand new/unused* bowl pads, and pair of lightly used jumbo pads. They are in great condition with one issue: there are 2 small cracks in the wood of the left earcup (see pics)...
  18. PFKMan23

    FS: Grado HF-1 #440 and Sealed Grado HF-2 #28

    Seling my Grado HF1s and HF-2s. Selling both for $825 shipped via USPS Priority mail to those in the CONUS.  Payment via Paypal or USPS MO.  I am willing to ship internationally, but I do not under declare for any reason.  The only thinks I am looing for in  trade are thye Headamo GSX and the...
  19. schwallman

    Grado HF2 Make Over

    I recently picked up a set of B stock HF2s that were cosmetically in bad shape. I had planned on just sending them back but last night I took an ambien and should of just went to bed. The next thing I know I have a razor in my hand and I'm slicing away at the wood glue that holds them together...
  20. dacherne

    how to get the most out of my grado hf2s

    Hey guys, I'm looking for advice on my current set up and would like to know how i can improve upon it to get the most out of my grado hf2s.   i currently have a pico amp/dac which is connected to my macbook pro via a usb cable. i am using itunes to play my music and it is all at a decent...
  21. henryhan

    FS: Grado HF-2

    Hi,    I have a pair of Grado HF-2 serial number 569 so this one of the pairs from B stock.   I have used them maximum 50 hours, so they are in pristine condition. These are in very nice condition, with nothing that I can tell which indicates they are B stock.    I am throwing this...
  22. vcoheda


    Interest check on Grado HF2. Item is A-Stock, First Run. Headphone is NIB/Sealed.   Any questions, send me a PM. Feedback in signature.   Thanks,   vcoheda     ====   Now For Sale. Price is a flat $550 which, after deducting paypal and shipping costs, is basically what I...
  23. HeadphoneAddict

    FS: Grado HF-2 serial number 120

      [EDIT - Sorry guys, but these are sold to the second person who PM'd me yesterday.  The first person was unable to get the funds within the week.]   I'm selling my 13 year old son's Grado HF-2, serial number #120 from the original production in July 2009, in good condition except that...
  24. lootbag

    Grado HF2 or RS1i

    Looking for a used or NIB pair of either headphone in excellent/minty condition.   Would need shipping to: Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 3T8, Canada.   Thanks for your time!
  25. sandeepk

    Grado HF-2 #490

    As much as it pains me, it's time to move on from my HF-2s. They've served me well, but the upgrade itch never stops at Head-fi. I'm looking for $430 shipped to the CONUS, elsewhere it'll be extra. These HF-2s are in excellent condition, with 2-3 small scratches (which are impossible to...