sr325i gold
  1. Team

    [FS] Grado SR325i Gold 50th Anniversary

    I bought these Grado SR325i's in the early-to-mid 2000's, at Bay Bloor Radio - my first "real" pair of headphones. They've served me well for many years, but have at last been eclipsed by B&W P7's. The time has come for the Grado's to move on to a new home, and bring a little happiness to...
  2. EinTheVariance

    FS: Grado SR325i Gold SOLD

    Putting up some stuff for sale to fund some upgrades. Buyer will need to login to paypal and pay via pay for goods and services (ask me for my paypal info once you are ready to buy). CONUS only. SR325i Gold: These are the rare early SR325i in Gold celebrating Grado's 50th Anniversary. They have...