1. justin w.

    STAX SR-009BK (Limited Edition!) now in stock at HeadAmp

    STAX is only making 180 pairs of these beautiful SR-009BK (the BK is for black) in honor of their 80th anniversary, and HeadAmp has a few of them! The color is more of a dark gray as shown in these photos Find out more here...
  2. Dan Lee

    Best Electrostatic Headphone's For Detail

    Ok so am well aware that this question to some extent has been posed before. But in my 100s of search attempts I have not found a thread for which detail retrieval was the primary focus and or one that did not have a price limit. So long as we exclude the more out of reach electros like the...
  3. Stax SR-009S Electrostatic Headphones

    Stax SR-009S Electrostatic Headphones

    This is the latest flagship from Stax, a further evolution from the SR-009 with new generation (MLER2) electrode membranes. First impressions are collected here: Type...
  4. Norabati

    Stax SR-009 - Solid State Amplifier Options

    Now that Cavalli Audio no longer exists and the Liquid Lightning SS cannot be purchased; is the only other option (if you wish a solid state solid state amplifier) the Stax SR727? Is there any other Solid State amplifier on the market that comes close to the Liquid Lightning? Does anyone have...