1. davidsh

    Stax Lambda and the SRD-6 Energizer - questions

    First off, can someone confirm this is the Stax SR Lambda Pro? Also, I am wondering if I can use my headphone amplifier for the driver box. How much juice does the SRD-6 need, what is the input impedance? I have the MF X-can V8. It can put out 1.2 watt at 32 ohms   Thank you.
  2. ubs28

    High end headphone + mid DAC / Amp vs mid-fi Heaphone + high end DAC/AMP

    Which setup would sound better? - High end headphone + mid DAC / amp - mid-fi headphone + high end DAC / amp
  3. harry015

    Sennheiser HD540 Reference I Manual

    Looking through  a group of manuals and repair manuals on some of my older audio gear, I was surprised to find the original manual for the above headphones. I also found the very skimpy manuals for the Stax SR-Gamma 'phones and the SRD-7/SB and SRD-6/SB adaptors (1 manual).   The full HD540...
  4. TJFO

    Stax SRD-6 Lundahl Transformator replacement

    Hi,   could anyone give me a Lundahl part number for a replacement of the original transformers? Or is there any schematic to build a complete new replacement of SRD-6 (not PRO) with Lundahl-Transformers?   Thanks a lot! Regards Thomas
  5. kalinov

    Stax SRD-6 + Bravo Audio V1 + HRT Music Streamer II setup possible?

    I've been reading the forums here and finally got the bug (nay, demon) to try electrostatic headphones...sorry, I meant earspeakers :).  You could say I'm an audiophile noob with a big desire to enjoy my FLAC collection in uber musicality and detail, on a budget.  Pulled the trigger yesterday on...
  6. brerabit

    Stax SRD-6 - Spare or alternative transformers

    I have an old pair of 'New-SR3' Stax Earspeakers and an SRD-6 Energizer missing one transformer. Does anyone know where I can get either a replacement Stax transformer or alternatively a pair of suitable replacement transformers? So far I've had no luck with Stax dealers in the UK.
  7. gikigill

    Look what the cat dragged in!!

    Hi Headfi,   Just got a box in the mail for a very rare still-in-the-box find.                                                           My photography...
  8. philjazz

    Unamped Phone Question

    Hey guys, I have been doing a lot of research on this site but I cant seem to get enough info to pull the trigger. Anyways, As far as background, I'm mostly into jazz but I enjoy hip-hop and rock as well. I'm looking for some un-amped phones that are open and are under around $250. So far, I...
  9. NamelessPFG

    Best option for starting out with electrostatics?

    I've done a bit of reading around, and it seems that if I want the ultimate in soundstage and imaging (mostly for gaming, but generally excellent sound quality wouldn't hurt for music, either), I'm going to have to try out some electrostatic headphones...when I can afford them. Stax isn't cheap...
  10. inburrito

    Size of Stax Lambda Pro vs. newer models

    I am the new owner of a Stax SRM-T1 and Lambda Pro earspeakers.  The sound of this 20 year-old system is quite exemplary.  I have only one issue: the headphones are extremely large, especially from the front.  I normally wouldn't care, but I work on a trading floor and these things produce...
  11. Uncle Erik

    Audio Technica ATH-6 (electret): how do you connect it?

    I got lucky today. I was at the TRW Swapmeet in Los Angeles this morning and spotted an interesting pair of headphones at one booth. I picked them up, and saw that they were Audio Techinica electrets with the transformer box. I asked the owner what he wanted, and he said he'd take $20 for them...
  12. MORBO

    Need a good starting pair

    So up until now I've been using MDR-V150s for all around use and I enjoy them a lot. But I feel a need to upgrade and want some suggestions for anything in the $50-$100 price range. These would be strictly for home use on my computer (Gaming and 320kbps~flac music mostly). I listen to a...
  13. MLudovic

    Stax ED-1 and ED-5 EQs emulation

    Hi there, first post to share what I had fun doing these last days : I'm the owner of a SR-3 and a SR-404 Signature, both powered by a 580V modded SRD-6 box. I'm very happy with the second hand SR-3 (especially for its low price) but I'm not exactly in love with the acid and harsh sounding...
  14. mbenus

    TIme for new headphones

    I think it's time for new 'phones. I have a pair of Stax SR-5's from the 80's. It's a pain to use them as I have to disconnect the  leads from my speakers and plug them into the Stax box.   I would like a pair to just plug into my Linn Majik Kontrol preamp without using a dedicated headphone...
  15. oicdn

    Stax SR-5 and SRD6?

    How are these? Worth snagging up? What're they worth?
  16. Mark829

    SR-5 with SRD-6