1. Magol79

    SOLD - STAX SR-009

    I am selling my SR-009 electrostatic headphones / earspeakers. I am the second owner and bought them here on Head-fi in June 2018. They were bought new in March 2017. I have babied these and always kept them stored in the wooden box when not listening to them. Pet and smoke free home. They...
  2. antony68


  3. Dan Lee


    First wanted to say I'd be open to a trade for a Singxer SU-6 plus cash. Might also consider some planar options. Hit me up with some offers. Hi guys I have recently been review 5 of the best known and well liked electrostatic cans available. Unfortunately I can not keep them all. I...
  4. SilverEars

    STAX SR-009 SR009

    Up for sale is the famous STAX SR-009 electrostatic headphones. It's in very good condition, comes with the original box and packaging. Paypal, and shipping fees included in the price. Here are the images I'm also selling a KGSSHV electrostatic headphone amp here...
  5. bluesaint

    *ON HOLD* Stax 009 Mint *Free Shipping*

    Up for sale is a dust free, balanced driver pair 009 in absolutely mint condition. $2k picked up or $2050 shipped via 2 day shipping with signature and insurance in CONUS if pp friends & family Selling off all my gear except speaker amp setups.
  6. justin w.

    STAX SR-009BK (Limited Edition!) now in stock at HeadAmp

    STAX is only making 180 pairs of these beautiful SR-009BK (the BK is for black) in honor of their 80th anniversary, and HeadAmp has a few of them! The color is more of a dark gray as shown in these photos Find out more here...
  7. Dan Lee

    Best Electrostatic Headphone's For Detail

    Ok so am well aware that this question to some extent has been posed before. But in my 100s of search attempts I have not found a thread for which detail retrieval was the primary focus and or one that did not have a price limit. So long as we exclude the more out of reach electros like the...
  8. electrathecat

    FS: STAX SR-009 in mint condition HUGE PRICE DROP TO $2000! SOLD

    As a furloughed federal government worker, I have the need at this point to winnow my stable of excess equipment AND finally have the time to do so, so my loss is your gain. I take pretty immaculate care of my stuff, and I'll be selling a lot of it in the near future so be on the lookout...
  9. SilverEars

    Please Delete

  10. ThePrince425

    Trade: HE-1000 V2 for Utopia / LCD-4 / SR-009

    I've the wonderful Hifiman HE-1000 V2, but in an exploratory mood for other TOTL headphones. Full set and looking to trade with possibly the Focal Utopia, Audeze LCD-4 or Stax SR-009. Also open to other options, so do hit me up. Where necessary, i'm willing to top up cash and/or fork out for...
  11. echineko

    SOLD - Stax SR-009

    For various reasons, I need to put my beloved SR-009 up for sale. It's in great condition even though about 2 years old now, and used in a smoke and pet free house, stored away in the Stax box when not in use. Will put up more photos once I'm back from my weekend trip.
  12. Piotr Michalak

    For sale or trade: Stax SR-009 + 007t amp

    Condition is used but excellent. I only have a Focal Utopia box for them, but it fits and protects them perfectly. Price for SR-009 is 2200€ Price for the set (009+007t amp) is 3400€ PayPal +4%
  13. ptolemy2k6

    *sold* Stax SR-007 MK2 Electrostatic Headphones

    For sale are my beloved Stax SR-007 MK2 Electrostatic Headphones. I love their sound (somewhere between lcd-3 and hd800) but they are just a bit small for me. I tried and tried to make it work in my mind but anytime they are on my head, I miss that extra 1/2 inch in cup size... Condition is...
  14. JustinBieber

    Stax SR-009 electrostatic headphones PRICE DROP

  15. vvar10ck


    [PRICE DROP!]Worldwide shipping free + Paypay fee only!