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  1. AmericaHiFi

    Coming in to stock our best selling QED XT40i Speaker Cable

    QED Reference XT40i Speaker Cable We sell out of this cable whenever we get stock, so I will announce in this thread, in advance, the dates when we will receive stock. QED have a rich history in the UK, and introduced 79 strand speaker cable back in 1976. Since then they have lead the way in...
  2. flavainyaear

    *SOLD*: SignalCable Silver Resolution Reference Speaker Cables + MagicPower Power Cord, pre-owned, mint condition!

    PRICE DROP: from $357 to $307 Hi, original owner of both, mint condition barely used, from smoke free household: Silver Resolution Reference Speaker Cables - "the Stereo Times" review: "Give Your System Wings to Fly" "When I installed the Silver Resolution speaker cables on my Aragon 8002...
  3. ptolemy2k6


  4. gonzalo1004es

    QED XT40 4 x 2,5 m. speaker cables

    Hi! I'm selling four 2,5m. speaker cables, made by a friend of mine from QED XT40 bulk cable, terminated with type z bananas in one side and spades in the other. In like-new condition, I barely used for 10-15 hours, I'm moving to an active speakers setup:)
  5. S

    ZenWave Audio SMSG Speaker Cable (2M)

    Ideal speaker cable to connect Chord DAVE directly to a high efficiency speakers. Terminated at the source end with RCA (to connect to DAVE) and terminated with banana connectors on speaker end. ZenWave Audio will re-terminate to whatever works in your system for a modest fee if you need a...
  6. mbritt

    FS Canare 4S8 Speaker Cable with Gold Plated Bananas and Spades 13AWG

    For sale Canare 4S8 Speaker Cable with Gold Plated Bananas and Spades 13AWG 3' length. These cables were made by Ram Electronics and currently go for $18 plus shipping. I'm spring cleaning my extraneous audio gear and will sell these for $9 shipping included.
  7. Rennokas

    Neotech NES-3004 Mk2 speaker cable DIY recommendations

    Hi I want to build speaker cables out of Neotech NES-3004 mk2 wire. I will use Furutech FP-201G spades on it. Should I go for cable splitter or with cable pants ? Which ones to use ? R.