1. docentore

    Help me to choose: AT-ES55 or Beyerdynamic DTX-501p or Soundmagic P30

    Hi all,   I'm in the market for new headphones, coming from KSC-75 and Sennheiser HD201. I've shorten the list to following:   Audio-Technica ES55 Beyerdynamic DTX-501p Soundmagic P30   Anyone has experience with all/most of them and can compare?   My pmp: iPod mini v2 +...
  2. koalkoal

    SoundMAGIC NEW products (1 of 4), P30 - Portable Headphone

    Hi, guys.  SoundMAGIC are developing many NEW items this year.  There are 4 models will be launched in April: P30 - Portable Headphone E10 - New metal in-ear headphone E30 - New over ear design in-ear headphone EH11 - New clip on sport in-ear headphone   Here is the 1st one: P30 - ...
  3. ClieOS

    [REVIEW] SoundMAGIC E10, E30, EH11 and P30 – New Magic

    First, I'll like to thank SoundMAGIC for the samples.   It has been quite some time since SoundMAGIC last major IEM release (of PL50 and PL21), but they have continue to make minor improvement over their older lineup, became OEM supplier to major Western headphone brand, and even released a...
  4. shaun_g

    SoundMAGIC - E10, E30, EH11 and P30 New for 2011

    SoundMAGIC is a brand that has charmed many headphone users in the last couple of years. Their great sounding and good looking inexpensive earphones, like the SoundMAGIC PL11, have had reviewers compare them to products several times their price. It seems they have definitely not been resting on...
  5. kiler

    SoundMAGIC P30 review (alongside with a lil HD228 comparation)

      Introduction   Once again I would like to show my gratitude to Michael Lin from SoundMAGIC whom without this review would be impossible. As you may already know, Soundmagic is no unknown brand to audiophiles who are on a budget. This company success goes way back, beginning with the...
  6. TMC

    Soundmagic P30, badly matched drivers?

    Hello everyone, as most of you I've been reading a lot on the massive portable headphone shootout before my purchase. In the end I went with the Soundmagic P30. I just received them today and noticed there's a clear unbalance right out of the box, as the left driver is clearly louder than the...
  7. seyfulislam

    SoundMagic PL50 or PL30 or P30 or Brainwavz M1 or M2 or Vsonic GR06?

    Hi, I've been using my CX-300 II pairs for over one and a half years until 2 days ago left phone's cable got damaged. I've read a lot of topics before registering here. I was happy with my Sennheiser except for the highs. The highs are not good at all, actually. I listen many genres of music...
  8. Soundmagic P30

    Soundmagic P30

    Soundmagic’s mid-range follow-up to the entry-level P10 and P20 models.