sound blaster
  1. BubbleSoap

    ➤ [FOR SALE] Creative Sound Blaster E5 Portable Headphone Amplifier

    Hello Head Fi Creative Sound Blaster E5 Portable Headphone Amplifier Brand new, sealed box. Not needed as I have got one already... Excellent little amplifier, that can make your gaming audio (PC, PS4, XBOX), your music listening and your movie watching life better. Comes with a 3200mAH...
  2. W

    Choice sound card for laptop/PC

    Choice sound card for laptop Hello. I have new headphone SuperLux HD681F. I have listened them in the Store with FiiO X3, and it was amazing sound! I use them at work with worker laptop, and it's absolutely another sound expirience! The headphone doesn't have scene depth, bass and a lot of...
  3. A

    Creative Super X-FI (SXFI AMP)

    Selling my SXFI amp its only a month old in perfect condition can update firmware if there is any new firmware when I ship it out. Comes with all original accessories and box. I'm also including a USB-C to USB-A adapter so you can connect it to your computer. $100 paypal when all said and done
  4. SS4 Goku

    HELP!! need help deciding between ad700x vs akg k702 for competitive console gaming

    The headphone i currently own is the sennheiser hd 558, and i am looking to upgrade my headset to something better for fps competitive console gaming. Based on the research i've done is that the akg k702 would need something better to power it. Could i get away with plugging the akg 702 into the...
  5. darkswordsman17

    FS/T: Creative Labs Sound Blaster X7

    Have a Sound Blaster X7 (standard black one) that I'm looking to sell or trade. Its in good condition (no issues in functionality, don't notice any cosmetic issues either, but won't claim its in new condition). Got it in trade thinking I'd use the speaker outputs but didn't end up needing them...
  6. BounceHouse420

    Is there any software I can buy that will improve my listening experience?

    Software that provides features like bass boost, virtual surround, sound equalization, bass management, and possibly others. My audio setup is a desktop with a Sound Blaster Rx/5 sound card which is hooked up to an amplifier and a 5.1 speaker system (I am also saving up for headphones my...
  7. registradus

    New soundcard? or DAC?

    my Xonar DG finally decided to die. what should I replace it with? my budget is $100. I'm looking at a Sound blaster z or an ASUS Strix Soar. or also open to the possibility of buying a USB DAC. my main pair of headphones are a Sony MDR-1A
  8. BounceHouse420

    Please tell me how I should improve this system!!!

    I have a Sennheizer 2.0 Momentum attached to a Logitech 5-Z300 (5.1 surround sound) system, which is plugged into a SoundBlaster Rx/5 soundcard. What is the cheapest way I can improve this setup that will be noticeable?
  9. BounceHouse420

    Should I set my PC Audio to 5.1 or Stereo when using headphones?

    In case it matters I have a pair of Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 headphones with a Sound Blaster Audigy 5/Rx Soundcard.
  10. S

    Recording capabilities of Sound Blaster X7

    I haven't been able to find any posts addressing this issue exactly. I'd really appreciate it if an owner could help me out. I'm hoping to use the X7 ADC to digitize vinyl to 24/192 when connected to my preamp via RCA. The user guide specs say " 24-bit recording sampling rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2...
  11. BounceHouse420

    Is there any software that will auto-select the sample rate and bit depth based on the song/game?

    My Sound Blaster Audigy Rx/5 came with a default of 16 bit, 48,000 Hz, but I changed it to 24 bit, 48,000 Hz. I was just curious if there was a piece of software that would know what settings were best when. (BTW I know little about sample rate and bit depth so I apologize if this was a stupid...
  12. deadman_uk

    Upgrading My Audio Equipment?

    I do a mixture of gaming and music listening on my desktop computer, with the occasional movie thrown in. I mainly use headphones but the speakers do get some use occasionally. Both headphones and speakers are plugged into my amp. I am using the following for audio: Headphones = Audio–Technica...